Maybe I Am

I have joined this group to experience my feminine sexual side .

I have often kissed girls and played with their **** and ***** on some occasions at bars in a drunken state and have found myself to sexually turn on by it. I have got wet between the legs each time this has occurred.

Can other girls please advise if this is normal.
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5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Girl play is fun!!!! Xo


It is perfectly normal hun, once I was actually with a woman and experienced my bisexual side I love the touch and feel of a woman now just as much as being with a man... Enjoy it... Michelle

Good luck Vanessa, have fun, enjoy it... Be safe...

Please let us know what happened :)

I feel the same way.i am bisexual but very attracted to women ...

i m with you hun..... gotta have my guys but i L O V E my gurlz! <3