Im Straight Bi Curious Guy Thats All Changed

see iv had hard time figuring out that **** it just if wen you get chance to peek at the guys changing when u go to gym **** every guy would take a look at the competition lol or if you cant beat em join em i say but its major prop if you get that opertunity where there only you and fit tanned guy and when his shorts hit the floor i just nearly died it was first time i seen a guy that had like 8 inch thick rock hard **** bouncing and he is open about fact he and his wife are regular swingers **** i havent ever got that feeling only wen i see odd guy on cam and then i was long time looking it up on **** sites then i just realised im getting much more intencely excited and arosed nearly so extreme id nearly *** sec i pull out my **** its all become way different than odd **** to a actor on some site till the first time i told a girl that kinda guessed i had as much desire to for her fellas **** as she did but the excitement of telling someone and its nervous as they could flip but they dont some into it some aint and some dont know yet that they are loving looking at guys getting bj from girls and when you see ur **** buddy send your **** to back of her neck till its ******* nice feeling bt twice as horny wen you can see her lick it tease taste precum and then love shift after u blow ur load and that turns u on mmmmmmmm i still wasnt sure till i ran scared from first bi guy his **** he pulled out of tracksuit was monster that looked like it would bite it was huge i stroked and he sucked me off and i was so turned on i came 3 times in half hour and was rock again till he said suck it go on get it all wet so i can **** your *** well i no way thats all finished and thought na cant be bi till start thinkin god it did look like one ******* fine **** that i was thinking and wanking over a lot and more i thought the more i was sick i never just done what i wanted sec i felt that bulge in his jeans driving from my place and ib been curious and iv had only the courage to feel a guy shoot his load i only got second squirt but first could ave been killer cos deep throat i bareley got his helmet in my mouth but all that im couious till this girl i meet we talk her sis lezbian and she is just like so loves wen her friends came onto her all the time but not really her thing i made i started to test the water of saying about hate way guys just cant be like the girls discuss real sex stories and hif us guys were just open we would make girls as the horny as we can do cos i start thinking then wow i dont know what these other guys must be doing com im not small or big with my **** size but its real turn on to see thick dark hard **** **** the friend they both found sumone not atrctated to anything other than min he can feel him get hard but now that iv got this girlfriend that is totaly me and my exploring and now we both have talked how id always loved getting a married couple and give them there fantasy dream of ******* his wife wile he records it and then wen im all dry soft and wet with his wifes *** on my **** he then gives cam to wife and just feel that head widen my *** as it seems to never stop widening then just feel his thick shaft up deep inside nice and easy and boy no more virgin *** and plenty more **** after this just as you can see his wife is soaked of *** so wile i eat her out it catches my eye his bare **** had been
y it felt so amaizing all the way but he had his wife swallow his *** tasting **** and with that i just came all over myself again so his wife for punishment feeds me my wasted *** and **** yea its nice storey until i thought it was all bit selfish and if i had anyway i can make her dream and she make mine *** reality is only way then of coursewe have fully decided the ultimate one for us is fact we are both not bad looking she amaizing curvey sexy body and so sensititive where you just scrape antd glidte ur nails or finger tips and every curve you follow can see the goose pimples and everything is standing and she is 25 and wild willing to try lots havent been told thaats sick yet so im shocked iv a girl as filthy as id been ever in public but wen u have that ur like who gives rats *** what title they put on ya i call it i want i like i get we share (we are happy well kinda wants action )so m is 31 thin with decent **** bisex welcome no option of an expierance tuned down with no attempt fem is just lookin for us both to meet fit clean couple that can have a laugh and a drink and let the juices flow and just go with the flow and do what feels gud but my *** is sore from all the finger ******* without lube but painfully ******* hot and actually start enjoying bit more than i thought id take 3 figers and i mean ****** hard and rough to see was i willing to open my legs and relaxs my *** for decent size **** so all the irish couples pleaese contact us we can do cam chat skype or meet in hotel for drinks sexy dancing and anything is yet to be ruled out so com on try us we are out tomorrow nite actually in the sunny se corner of ireland
irishbisexual irishbisexual
26-30, F
Sep 6, 2012