First Experience

I was in a Scout Troop and enjoyed the outdoor aspect of scouting and thought myself quite normal - I was past puberty, an only child and thought a lot about sex and girls and had been ************ regularly - almost religiously or even relentlesly since I was about 13

We were on a Scout Summer Camp somewhere in Mid Wales I remember walking up Caeder Idris a Mountain near Barmouth I think. I was a Second, one down from a Patrol Leader. We slept in Sleeping Bags and on one occasion I was sleeping next to our Patrol Leader, an older boy maybe 16 or 17. My Sleeping Bag was open and my chest exposed, it was probably very hot and I was woken by the Patrol Leaders arm falling accross my chest. I did not move, I really don't know why and his hand began to move - as if by accident - down my chest.

I liked the sensation and became aroused, his hand moved over my PJs and found my erection, I undid the Pyjama Cord and he began to fondle me between my legs and then *********** me to ****** it was a lovely feeling.He pulled my hand over to his open sleeping bag and on to his erect penis - I remember thing how large it was and noticing that he had been circumcised, I *********** him to ****** and we both fell asleep.

I think it changed my sexuality, I have always liked being touched by either sex and especially that 'first' exploratory touch mmmm

1845soundman 1845soundman
70+, M
Jan 13, 2013