I Am Bisexual

I finally had my ultimate fantasy, and I want more. I see a young woman who also sees other guys. I finally talked her into a threesum, mostly for me. I found a bi guy 25yo, who had a 6" slender ****. Just right. We all agreed he could do whatever he wanted to her after I got what I wanted- to ride his **** while she sucked me. She greeted him at the door wearing only a towel. I asked him if he'd like to shower? He said yes. We both greeted him in the hall and she kissed him- he responded excitedly. She led him to the bedroom, I followed closely. They kissed again, and he pulled down the towel and sucked a nipple. I imediately got on my knees between them and sucked his already very hard and curved straight up beautiful ****. She laid him on the bed and straddled his face. I kissed and sucked his nipples, belly, and ****. I couldnt wait any longer and grabbed the astroglide on the nightstand, generously lubed him, then 2 fingers in my ***. I squeesed between her legs, straddling him, and grabbed his ****, and backed my *** up, sliding his **** in. Just a little twinge, and I slid about 4" in. He must have been doing a good job licking and fingering her, cuz, she leaned forward and moaned. I stuck my tongue in her *** and he began ******* me like a rabbit- fast. I was in heaven. I said "I'm *******" and she was perfect. She turned around and sucked all my **** while he kept ******* me with deeper fast thrusts. I came the most intensely of my life. I laid beside them. He wasnt finished, and told her to get on all fours. She obeyed, and I watched a beautifull **** *** in my girlfriends *** from 6" away. He left. Never saw him again. I would do this every day if I could.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wow. After that experience, I'm surprised you didn't repeat it.

WOW! That has to be the ice-breaker experience you will enjoy re-living again and again for the rest of your life! :D I wish I was doing everything you did, right this minute.

HOT '*******' story!! That could be a fantasy of mine now as well!!