What Is Bi Sexuality Anyway

Isn't it just sex??? I am a male and have had crushes on several male friends growing up. I've experimented with a few of them and we liked it enough to continue them for a couple of years. I am in a hetrosexual relationship now and still get really turned on when those memories come into my head. I also get more turned on by watching homosexual p*rn than straight p*rn.I don't know what the deal is, I just like both sexes and don't really prefer one over the other. It's got to be just about the sex because I truly love the woman I'm with and still have major fantasies about being out of town on business and being approached by a man having sex with him.

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hello, welcome to bimatching.com , you will like it , trust me

I think you are bi if you prefer both sexes. If you prefer and are attracted to the opposite sex you are oriented to the opposite sex that makes you straight. Gay/lesbian to the same sex, bi to both. Attraction,of the sexual kind, (meaning a pull towards ,of the sexual kind,) is not just an appreciation. A sexual if there is no pull. It also doesn't have anything to do with what you would avoid doing sexually. That is something more complex than sexual orientation. Most humans will find if they are open to it that they can be attracted to a member of the sex they aren't oriented to in the right situation, time and person. However, when you add up your attractions, thoughts, actions and reactions around both genders you can have an answer if you are honest about it. I'm strongly attracted to women. I worry about getting hard around them. I worry about getting seduced by girls I'm not attracted to. I worry about seeming too interested in a girl that gets me worked up that she thinks I'm disrespectful. (Just not in the moment). Yet around dudes that I think are even good looking, I will hug and get naked without a problem or worry. Mind just doesn't focus on sex around dudes...generally. Ill admit my openness and maybe a little overconfidence in my sexuality led to some awesome naked times with a male buddy (a number of times sharing a female friend and a few times just us and once a foursome) bringing back awesome memories with little regret or shame. I can't believe I'm admitting this like this. Anyway, does that mean now I get hot under the collar around dudes.. no way. But do I know I can ...yup in the right situation it's possible. Do I like reading these kind of boundary pushing stories yup. I like reading how sexuality is fluid and complex. But we make label to help define constants not complicated them with (mentally/emotionally/relationship vs sexual variants). We use words like attraction and orientation for a reason. Thought I type something in this matter. I'm incredibly intrigued by sexuality.

But if you were truly bi, would you not want more than just sex from these guys.
My understanding is that GLBT ism is a full lifestyle rather than just sexual.

i know what u r talking about .. and i have friend who keep teeling me ur same words .. i ll give him ur name so he may contacet with u ..

Used to but since iv'e started hanging around with two gay friends the mystery and glamour has gone and my imagination isn't interested anymore.

i know exactly where you are coming from. i have been married twice. i have 2 beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. i knew i was bi when i was around 12. i didnt tell a soul until i met (yeah this is his real first name) joe. we starting messing around as most boys that age will. i found that i liked boys as well as girls. i had a few relationships in high-school with girls. but me and joe had our lil thing going too. as i became an adult., i began to get more serious with men. but i couldnt bear to be labeled a homo. i hid my bisexuality until right before my mom died. i came out to her a few days before she died. she told me she always knew but said nothing. she wanted me to tell her myself. i was shocked. but happy i finally told her. i didnt have sex with men when i got married. i never believed in cheating. its just plain wrong! but in between straight relationships i dated men. however it didnt last very long. there is one boy i grew up with that we messed around. i wished he was bi or gay... id love to find out. because i have been in love with him for years! but anyhow. you are what you are. my kids dont know, and wont know, until the time is right. when i know they can handle it. but if i had my choice, i guess it would be men.

I still love Gary because he is the one I've carried in my heart since we were kids.

I think that way too...sex is sex. I was married, then divorced and came out. Some people tell me I am rebelling...against what...I don't know. I absolutely know that I could have sex with a guy or a girl. Lately, I haven't had success dating guys. I seem to pick apart a lot of things when I first meet them. I don't know why, it must be that they don't have what I want. I haven't dated a girl in a few years...my fear is that she will be weirded out by the fact that I like to look at guys. I can watch both gay and straight **** and be turned on. I can get aroused by looking at both guys and girls...so, clearly, I must be bisexual. <br />
I like to people watch and when someone attractive comes by, I enjoy it, both guy and girl. I dated 3 guys and enjoyed it but it never lasted more than 3 months. Who knows...I am all about the relationship and that could be with a guy or a girl...I guess I just haven't found the right person yet...

you= bisexual. if your attracted to both sexes, whether it be physically or emotionally your bi. even if you didnt like anyone, and werent sexually active, you still would be, coz the attractions are still there. and just because you like guys as well, doesnt meant you cant luv ur gf.

I have the same problem myself. I love my girlfriend, she's everything I've ever wanted from a woman. I just can't help fantasizing about being with a man. I don't know what to do since I don't want to cheat on my girlfriend, but at the same time my urges keep growing.

i have had bisexual feelings myself so i see where you guys are coming from.

It's not neccesarily just sex. It depends. Some people are attracted to both sexes but fall in love only with one. Or the oposite - they can have strong emotions or have a crush on both sexes but are phisically attracted to just one. and there are some people who can love completely - sex and love all included - both sexes.<br />
Sexual orientation is not a binary definition, it's a scale in all aspects.

I consider myself a hetrosexual male, but I do get turned on by certain men. There is something really sexy about a topless man who has a fit body. I would love to have sex with a man just to experience it.

...you do what works for you. I love guys and girls and some ppl are ok w/ it and others... well I just don't associate with the others. :)