It's Weird

I am happily married and would not trade it for anything or anyone in the world. BUT I think ***** are sexy...any opinions. 

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that is a fantastic way to look at it.

First, forget the labels. Trying to decide into which category you fit---straight or bisexual---doesn't help you figure out the more important thing: What you like and what turns you on.<br />
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Second, I don't think your case is unusual. I'm happily married to a beautiful and sexy woman. I love women's bodies, and I have difficulty *not* looking at an attractive woman within my range of vision.<br />
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However, like you, I think ***** are great. I have never been attracted to a man---not to the whole person, not to his appearance---and I have no desire to kiss/cuddle/"make love". However, I have come to accept that I enjoy playing *****. I like to stroke them and to suck them, and most of all to make them come. I enjoy having the same done to me. For me, it is about the ****, rather detached from its owner.<br />
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What does that make me? I think of myself as a "limited bisexual", but that label doesn't matter. I know what does it for me, and that's what matters.

do my awkward teenage years count, Experiments(like them, think of them often).