Might Be

I think I'm straight, but I wonder if a part of me isn't bi. I've never had a gay experience, so it's hard to tell, if tend to fall for no one, as I don't fall for people's appearance or good looks, I don't get hooked at the sight of someone. It takes time for me, to bond, to trust, and until now I've only boyfriends. I already kissed a girl, and it was good, but that doesn't mean being bi. I have some bonds with girls, but no attraction, but as I fall for beings for what they are, and one girl was attarcted to me one day, I don't know what I would do. There're women few women I find pretty though, once I fell for their minds. 

In any case, whether I am or not would absolutely not be a problem to me. I would live it very well. I only wonder. Maybe I don't ask myself the good questions to find out. 

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

i agree with tomolan. biwomen seem to be more acceptable. in any event make yourself happy