Am I Bisexual?

i was going through some of my circle friends groups when i found a quiz in one group. it asked if you knew for sure if you are bisexual. i am married and my bisexuality comes from being certain that i would like a man to make love to me. if the oportunity presented itself, and i did not chicken out, i would welcome it. however, i have not had that. my wife is very good at playing the part of a man and i am not dissatisfied. what i wanted was confirmation. the quiz said i am bisexual so, i guess i am.

mielcaliente mielcaliente
61-65, M
3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

thanks,it's a lot easier with help from my wife.

Yup. You are. It's okay. Welcome to the club and I'm like your wife. Happy to help my guy.

I wish my wife would do that 4 me , but no luck !!!!!!!!!!!!