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Hi I'm new here and well I am not exactly sure if I am bisexual. Probably I am. I have always been a very liberal person concerning sex, race, thoughts. Always liked to have fun any way possible exploring new things and stuff. I am attracted to women/girls. Of that I am sure. I can look at a girl/women and say that I would definitly do her. I also have this tendency to explore what else is there more to sex. So I said why not see whats the gay thing all about. So after some time I meet with one guy over the internet and well did oral. I didn't really like it all. It's uncomftrable and well just doesn't do it for me. However thinking of penises gets me turned on but in no way am I capable of being in a romantic relationship with a guy. I just find that... well repulsive for myself. I never kissed a guy and don't really want to. It's just the penis that turns me on sometimes.

Concerning girls I like them. thier smell, smile, body, voice, touch. Everything about them but (theres always a but) I tend to get turned on by them rarely (its even rarer with the guys, acutually it never happend when I was near a guy).

I think my whole problem has something to do with early expriences with a friend when we just found out about **** and then yea...first see how the people are enjoying themselves and well...try to do stuff...

We go out every now and then but I am not attracted to him nor is he to me.

Now the only reason why I think I am bisexual because...this will probably sound silly but because I ********** to guys sometimes. But being bear a guys does nothing for me but being near a girl well does the natural :D

so wada ya think? It's just buging me thats all. I am not in a crysis or anything. Just well the ususal a but confuesd trying to find myself and I think I might be partially bisexual, sometimes... there thats my conclusion. 

any thoughts?

p.s. sorry for the unstructred writting I just wrote stuff as I thought about them...

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I'm a guy actually...and well I sorted the problem out yesterday when talking about it with a friend..actually the first person i talked to about it. In conclusion I feel better and turns out or I identify myself as a person who likes to try things. A liberal to be honest I feel like one...live your life to the fullest yea? exprience as much as you can.... so there ya go :) and thanks for trying to help

I relate. One thing to question is do you like the penis OR the masculinity it represents. I mention this because there are plenty of women who can and do perform sex using a synthetic penis. Also, if a more masculine approach is enjoyable there are a ton of hella hot "masculine" lesbians out there. <br />
As far as liking men go, what is it you so enjoy? If you have yet to kiss one is it by choice or coincidence?<br />
My experience is rather private but I assure you that what is sexy to me is not the "norm" in the straight community. Love who you love, be who you are and screw 'em if they can't take a joke sista'.