The Resolved Mystery ...

Finally I have come to know that ... I Am Bi :D After I have been wondered for so long .. Hooray ! There's nothing wrong to be sad .. Im Happy of what I am ... I dont care what others would call ... Call me weired ... Call me freak ... I Dont Even Care ;D 

DollyDiva DollyDiva 22-25, F 77 Responses Apr 28, 2009

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Why think of the negative ? ..... wasting your thoughts and energy - now that you understand yourself or at least have a better idea of who you are... go with the flow . Easier said than done - I wish there was a place we could all go to be happy and free...

wouldn't be great if you woke up and it was Bi Day, Bi's get in free, Free drinks if your Bi,

Bring your Bi lover and get in the movies free, No sales tax on panties if your Bi, Bi one lick the second one free.. I'm Just sayin

That's so true :)

Completely agree ;)

Hello Neo,

I dont think being bi is better than being lesbian or gay since for me nothing is better. Everything has its good and bad side. We are who we are :)

its better to be biosexual than to be gay or lesbian.

Awww, thank you .. Your words really cheer me up :)



Nothing makes me feel better than being honest to myself and the world :)


No, not wierd. No, not a freak.

More beautiful now that you've let all of the real you out.


Thks :)

I want to do that so bad and you know it ....

When silence falls between us .. that's the private moment that we shall cherish ...


Can I lick your ears as well ? :P

Just kidding lover ;)

same here lover ..

Thats the best ever :)



How about if I just call you my friend.

Bare Hugs


Whatever others may think, it's none of our business ;)

Hanna, maybe we are just two weirdest persons in the world or most ordinary .. depends on your view ;) but I don't really care as long as you love me ..

LM, I'm glad to see you here everytime you visit, you rock my world girl ;)

no matter what,I loved DD as soon as I came on EP.You have a heart of Gold+Rock on babygirl.You wana detention with me you naughty darling hmmm?

If we are both weird, then nobody is normal ;)

Not at all .. because I know you are not and neither am I ;) *143*

Definitely, especially when you are apart of the society where being bisexual is considered weird ..

Aww .. Thks a lot Elior ...



hey i am happy for you hony that you found out sooner than later a welcom to the pack if you need any advice or someonet 2 talk to in your new start or you just wana chat you can send me a messagea a i can asure you i will aswer you back

I know I'm at the crossroad .. and thank you for loving me ...

I know but it's just hard to believe that a person like you will love a person like me .. with the condition we both know so well ..

Nudy, friend is what I've been looking for so long :)

Lover, you do the same for me even sometimes it's hard to believe but I do believe .. I think I confuse you again lol

How about if I just call you a friend.

I also do care too.

Bare Hugs


I do always but I always want to hear it over and over again ...

You know it .. *143*