The Resolved Mystery ...

Finally I have come to know that ... I Am Bi :D After I have been wondered for so long .. Hooray ! There's nothing wrong to be sad .. Im Happy of what I am ... I dont care what others would call ... Call me weired ... Call me freak ... I Dont Even Care ;D 

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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Why think of the negative ? ..... wasting your thoughts and energy - now that you understand yourself or at least have a better idea of who you are... go with the flow . Easier said than done - I wish there was a place we could all go to be happy and free...

wouldn't be great if you woke up and it was Bi Day, Bi's get in free, Free drinks if your Bi,<br />
Bring your Bi lover and get in the movies free, No sales tax on panties if your Bi, Bi one lick the second one free.. I'm Just sayin

That's so true :)

Completely agree ;)

Hello Neo,<br />
<br />
I dont think being bi is better than being lesbian or gay since for me nothing is better. Everything has its good and bad side. We are who we are :)

its better to be biosexual than to be gay or lesbian.

Awww, thank you .. Your words really cheer me up :)<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />

Nothing makes me feel better than being honest to myself and the world :)<br />
<br />

No, not wierd. No, not a freak.<br />
More beautiful now that you've let all of the real you out.<br />

Thks :)

I want to do that so bad and you know it ....

When silence falls between us .. that's the private moment that we shall cherish ...<br />
<br />

Can I lick your ears as well ? :P<br />
<br />
Just kidding lover ;)

same here lover ..

Thats the best ever :)<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />

Whatever others may think, it's none of our business ;)

Hanna, maybe we are just two weirdest persons in the world or most ordinary .. depends on your view ;) but I don't really care as long as you love me ..<br />
<br />
LM, I'm glad to see you here everytime you visit, you rock my world girl ;)

no matter what,I loved DD as soon as I came on EP.You have a heart of Gold+Rock on babygirl.You wana detention with me you naughty darling hmmm?

If we are both weird, then nobody is normal ;)

Not at all .. because I know you are not and neither am I ;) *143*

Definitely, especially when you are apart of the society where being bisexual is considered weird ..

Aww .. Thks a lot Elior ...<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />

hey i am happy for you hony that you found out sooner than later a welcom to the pack if you need any advice or someonet 2 talk to in your new start or you just wana chat you can send me a messagea a i can asure you i will aswer you back

I know I'm at the crossroad .. and thank you for loving me ...

I know but it's just hard to believe that a person like you will love a person like me .. with the condition we both know so well ..

Nudy, friend is what I've been looking for so long :)<br />
<br />
Lover, you do the same for me even sometimes it's hard to believe but I do believe .. I think I confuse you again lol

I do always but I always want to hear it over and over again ...

You know it .. *143*

Hehe, perhaps, It's one of the things I'm good at lol

what a load of cods wallop dd

either same or opposite sex, love is so beautiful and breaks all boundaries ...<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />

Nothing freakish about seame sex love. It the most wonderful thing in the world.

It exists .. but is called differently ...

homosexuality(bi-sexuality, et al) does not exist. happiness does though. if you're happy and not hurting anyone in the process, well then...

Im happy for you Joanz ;)

it's the old adage dont knock it until you've tried it... I used to be very homophobic but then I tried it and liked it now there's no turning back

it's the old adage dont knock it until you've tried it... I used to be very homophobic but then I tried it and liked it now there's no turning back

Of course .. come as you are .. as long as you are happy .. and don'ttroble others .. then what the hell to care about ;)

ausome way of thinking would like t get to know you name is elior and i am a bi sexsual too and i like to see that there are some people out thee who can go srait and speake it out loaud as it should be

Haha yeah ,, Probly >< !<br />
<br />
Thks :)

He will be so mad Because his lady is so beautiful !

haha! yeah i would imagine so :]

He seems okay with it lol but he might not be okay if I date another woman at the same time :D ! hahaha

haha yay! welcome to the club :P<br />
<br />
hehe im sure your bf loves it haha jk idk :/

Deal :D !

we both enjoy the best of both worlds lucky us lol :-) lets be friends ..

Oh! Thks :D but there're still many things I havent figured out yet lol ! <br />
<br />
I hope you could figure out soon ;)

Yeah Christy !<br />
I couldnt agree more ;)<br />
we should proud of who we are<br />
as long as we just doing nothing wrong but live our lives<br />
being bi isnt ashamed thing to accept !<br />
Im happy today that I could figure myself out :D !

haha, there's deffinatly nothing to be ashamed of! When I first started think about whether I was or not I was definatly wondering when I was going to figure out the truth about myself... but hunny,, I was far from ashamed! <br />
**wink wink**<br />
Hunny,, my view is... if you don't want to see my girlfriend and I together holding hands or whatever... look the other way dear...<br />
:)<br />
Be PROUD of who you are!!<br />

Oh! I cant wait to celebrate :D !<br />
Join my Party in Hongkong tomorrow if you could !<br />
<br />

wow ! thks Open :D<br />
Feel so great (after havin' 5 hrs massage and found such an amazin' comment ! ;) <br />
<br />
Love shoudnt be limited just on sex ;)

I don't know why this world has to be so hung up on what your sex is. If it is a connection and it is loving or fun together, who cares! Love and caring shouldn't be limited to the other sex. It's so sad that we can't touch some beings because of their sex. It's still skin ... or a tongue ... or hands ... what does it matter. Good for you Diva!

Lol ! I love "L" word :) and as I mentioned ... ,, I knew it already since we first talked :D !<br />
You are too beautiful to be Guy Lol ~

lcafewood means longcomewomen lol its a L guy can do that ;)

lol must have been the flowers and the charm .. i think better flirt than some men no ? aww i am 100% Diva lol ..**** and all... you crack me up ...geez if guy would be transgender lol b/c i love female body .. haha -sis nothing wrong with that a lesbian and a hot one .lol

I have realized this fact since the first day I joined ep :D<br />
Thks ARRON !

Isn't EP wonderful? Who would have thought a random question would have led me to you? *giving you hugs*

Mon, I am very happy to answer your question about EP that day Lol ! So glad it has led me to such amazin' person like you :D ... <br />
<br />
Ms.Diva ! I will tell u one thing, I first thought you were a guy Lol ! Not bc of your pictures but your nickname Icafewood lol .. I didnt dare to tell you but finally when you emailed me, I have come to know :D and you are not only a woman, But GORgeous ! Woman and More than that, You ARE my Proud Sister ! ALways ! ;)

I will :)<br />
<br />
Thks ! and I wanna share you some loves tho bc you've made me smiles :D !

(((HUGZ))) my dearest ..leads u to a new beginning ;o) i am so happy to be apart of ...and those that know u surly feel the same ..u have a awesome man in ur life ..lucky u ..

It's all good , just Love yourself :)

It's all good , just Love yourself :)

I'm glad you're my friend. You bring sparkle to my dreary day. <br />
<br />
It wasn't on your bed was it? Lmao!

Kissy poops again lol<br />
Im so happy to have you in my life !<br />
<br />
and Thks Kitty to be great understandin sis ;)<br />
Tho Im bi but I luv Cass still for now lol

Hahaha Yes, Sampson, Pina, and the pit love me dearly. Lol<br />
Kissy is a lucky little kitty to have such a sweet and beautiful mama. :)

It's good that you realized it...babe,it's ok to be bi....

I ll be here all of my life ! <br />
Thks :D

{{{HUGS}}}<br />
<br />
It's a great place to be!

Thks! Ms.Diva ! wow ! I feel great that my Bi acceptance disnt lead me to the end lol

ToT M.... You are so nice person !<br />
This world would be less nice without you in ..<br />
Not only me who think like that Im sure !<br />
Sampson, Pina, Kissy, and even Pitbull lol !

A Mysterious Beautiful Precious Pearl and all that know you are truly blessed .. ;) in and out ...t.u for ur friendship ..

As you should. Be who you are, I say. The world is a lovelier place with you in it, my sweet. :)

Imagine there's no differences ! <br />
Im happy to be what I like to be :D

You are far from weird of a freak. You very beautiful. :)

hugz Sista be what you are and be proud , ur Sis lovs U ;) call u honest ..