I'm Pretty Sure I'm Bisexual... But

I'm married.  And so so so in love with him.  But I've been attracted to women as well for as long as I can remember.  I've never been in love with a woman, or even felt an emotional connection stronger than friendship with a woman, but I've always been sexually attracted to women.  He knows this, and it doesn't bother him.

What he doesn't know is that I really want to have a sexual experience with a woman, just to see.  I love him and I love being married to him but I feel like this is a road I need to explore.

Anybody have advice?

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I feel the same way, same situation, I am a Christian also so I totally feel where you're coming from. I don't want to hurt my hubby, love him with all my heart and I'm committed to our marriage but this longing is something that lingers, and every once in a while flares up and makes me want to explore it. I've also never had any encounters with women that were not purely platonic but I've always had an attraction, and fantasies about it. I've even posted on CL, but chickened out every time...

Oh god I really want to say 'just go for it' but (even though she knows I'm bi) I know how much it would hurt my wife if she found out I'd met someone behind her back.<br />
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Most men like the idea of their wives being bi, 99% of us would watch two women given chance, but what's held up as a sexual fantasy for us to really enjoy can be different if we're faced with it in reality.<br />
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So, honestly, I think you need to find out your husbands opinion about both bisexuality and lesbianism. <br />
If he's really anti you then have to decide whether to go behind his back or try to forget it. <br />
If he enjoys the idea you have to decide whether to tell him about your sexual attraction to them. (What that will mean is that he will probably express a desire to watch or join in. I think you should say that because its something you've not tried, and don't know if you'll enjoy, you'd prefer your first experience to be just you and her, and if all goes well he can be there next time.)<br />
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Do you have someone in mind? If not, and you intend to meet someone from an adult site, involve your husband. If he feels left out he's more likely to see this as rejection.<br />
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And STRESS that this has got nothing to do with his love making abilities or technique, its just something you want to try<br />
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Good luck.