Male Perspective Of Bi-sexual Females:

I've been bi-curious for a long time, but also been in a relationship with my boyfriend for years. Last night we got talking, and I admitted I think I'm bi-sexual. He's always joked about it, as I have kissed girls in drunken humour. For the first few minutes, it was a conversation that felt I was accepting who I am and that the one person I love, loves me for who I am...until he goes "so next steps finding a girl to join in with us."

Not the smoothest of lines.

Now, I feel like I really want to experiment with my new found lease of sexuality - but how do I do that without firstly cheating on my boyfriend, but secondly without my boyfriend thinking it's ********** every weekend! And, where do I begin?

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

First things first: <br />
Tell him that YOU want to try this. Its unknown territory, you might hate it when you get down to it, or enjoy it at the time and then think it was ok but nothing fantastic compared to your sex life with him.<br />
Make him feel a part of the decision, if you're going to meet someone from an adult site as your first experience let him browse the site with you, let him make suggestions as to the message you send to her, but STRESS that your first time will be just you and her (and he can be there next time if all goes well.)<br />
Let him know that this is not a comparison thing, you won't be thinking "He doesn't do that", or "He does that differently".<br />
THIS IS YOUR EXPERIMENT, hopefully you'll enjoy it and want to involve him.<br />
Good luck.