Im Bisexual

Up until recently I came out of a long-term relationship and my friends keep telling me that I need to get back in the game and find myself another girlfriend. The problem for me is that I discovered the urge to crossdress when I was around 12 and now everytime I'm left alone I find myself reaching into any available draw to see what I can find. I've never told anyone about this but I feel free and feminine when I'm wearing their underwear.

Soon after I had my first crossdressing experience, I started developing feelings for guys which I ignored at first, but later became stronger and too loud for me to ignore. It was only in the last six months that I have come to accept that Im bisexual.  It wasn't until this time that I'd thought alot about sleeping with other guys and why I think I ignored it last time was because I was scared to accept to myself the truth. I felt trapped like most and decided after having a crush on another lad in university that it was time to come out. I felt physically sick leading up to me blurring it out and then the days that followed my confession. My parents are orthodox christians so they didn't take the news to well, and they took it harder than I would have hoped. I waited until I reached University to come out so I new I could be financially dependant upon myself and not have to rely on my parents. I think that they'd probably have kicked me out if I'd have done it when I was at home. For me it was definately worth the wait as now I've never felt happier and the people I've met at university have welcomed me and didn't judge me for being bisexual, compared to the reaction I got at home. I'm almost ashamed of myeslf for not doing it sooner but I'm glad I did it now and not later.

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you're doing allright is hard but will get harder if you wait until you are about 30+<br />
you will find your way through to this all<br />
think you are a gr8 gay and toke the right road to be happy in the future