7.5 Years Of Serious Bad Luck

i went through a major breakup with a long-term boyfriend about 13 years ago.  to get me through it, i started using runes and tarot cards as meditative tools.  about 6 months after the breakup, i started to have feelings for another man, but given how terrible my previous breakup was, not to mention my introverted nature, i chose not to act on those feelings.  even so, i did a tarot reading about him and it was all very negative--involving many swords and other less than favorable cards.  in my mind i figured it didn't matter since i was never going to have an opportunity to get involved with him anyway for a number of different reasons, and i went on my merry way and never thought much about it.

fast-forward approximately 4 years--he and i actually started dating.  we fell in love.  we got engaged a year later.  we got married 4 months after that.  then everything started to hit the fan:

1.  2 months after we got engaged, i found out i didn't pass the bar exam.  bummer.  a lot of people don't in my state--i figured i'd pass on the 2nd try.

2.  the day after we got married, i got a urinary tract infection.  it was the first of 6 i would get that year due to a birth control pill i was on.  i developed sensitivities to all the antibiotics they gave me to treat the infections.  once i stopped taking the pill, i stopped getting infections, but i was left with antibiotic allergies that put me at risk.

3.  6 months after our marriage, my husband got into a terrible car accident.  his car was totaled, but he was spared, thank God.

4.  i didn't pass the bar again.  my law school loans were coming due--i had no job.  what was i to do?

5.  my father became very ill.

6.  i got pregnant.  we were very happy about that, although worried about $$.

7.  my father became more ill.

8.  i started to have pre-term contractions at 24 weeks

9.  my father was gravely ill

10.  i went into pre-term labor at 27 weeks and was hospitalized for 6 days then put on strict bedrest until 36 weeks

11.  debt piling up higher and higher

11.  my father died while i was on bedrest and my doctor would not clear me to travel to see him before he died.

12.  i made it to 36 weeks and was released from bedrest

13.  i tripped and fell on my due date and tore a ligament in my right thumb which required surgery after my baby was born

14.  i gave birth to a healthy baby, without medical intervention

15.  i had successful surgery on my hand (2 good things in a row!! but wait...there's more!)

16.  i got a severe case of shingles when my baby was 4 months old

17.  my once plentiful milk supply mysteriously dried up overnight

18.  my husband's work place was sold to a terrible company and he was going to lose his job so we had to move

19.  i didn't pass the bar again

20.  in 1/2009, i was stricken with an odd and debilitating illness, from which i am still suffering, that no doctors can seem to diagnose.  it is keeping me from working, thus driving us further into debt.

21.  i was denied social security.

22.  my baby is growing up and hits me constantly and my heart is broken.

23.  i am entertaining the idea of taking my own life because we are drowning in debt, i am profoundly ill and unable to find a diagnosis, and my child seems to abuse me no matter what i do.

to me, it seems like those tarot cards i read back in 1997 knew something i didn't.  would i trade the love i have experienced with my husband for my former life of health and relative security?  that's a tough one.  i often believe i would since he has been raked over the coals with me and he had previously led a very charmed life.  i dream of setting him free, but i certainly would miss him so.  i love him so deeply and truly, and he loves me.  i love my child so much, too, but it doesn't feel reciprocal much of the time which causes me pain.

i wish i had never gone out on that first date with him.  it would have spared us all a lot of pain.  but i did.  and here i am. 

how do i break this curse??????????

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the guidelines given by Dingyun555 is more practical solutions to your problems. the bad pulses in our life are actually the reflection of our actions (every action has equal opp reaction - newton 2nd law). to cure the current situation you need to do fine things in your life that brings happiness in others' life. the one way is to recite blessing paras such as given by Dingyun555 or you can recite the surah al-tariq from Holy Quran on daily basis. if possible you can do charity and donation work. if you dont have money then can donate your time or your services or your skills for the betterment of human being.

Please don't kill yourself. Good deeds cause fortunate things, and evil deeds cause unfortunate things. Please read the Shurangama Sutra, and practice Pure Land Buddhism (but please do not practice anything in the Vajrayāna tradition). Please don't do any evil deeds: please don't kill any animals, don't **********, don't have sexual fantasies, etc. I don't know if you are cursed or not, but I hope you can make your life better. Please try to convince your child and your husband to also read the Shurangama Sutra, practice Pure Land Buddhism (but please do not convince them to practice anything in the Vajrayāna tradition), and stop doing any evil deeds, please teach your child about the importance to respect his/her parents. Also, please don't blame everything on your husband, I don't know if your husband is responsible for any of the unfortunate things that has happened to you, but everyone is responsible for their own actions. You don't need to be depressed about anything, try to change your life by stop doing any evil deeds and starts to do good deeds. I hope you will change your life and then have a happy life with your family.

mess with the devil and you'll pay huh? :)<br />
<br />
i NEVER have luck w cars but im not gonna blame anyone or anything...<br />
its just the way it is<br />
my bro and sis say i have bad luck . lol<br />
oh i take that back. I blame refusing to marry up my 3rd , 4th , 5th or 6th proposal after 2 failed marriages . i should have married my sweet sweet english man who was the best thing that ever happened to me:)<br />
<br />
Tell ya what! When your curses are lifted, lets all go out car huntin! It might be fun,

I am going through something too since November 2008. Before then, life wasn't too bad. I'd go a few months without much happening before November 2008. On October 31st, 2008 I was playing around with magic and chants online while burning a white candle....just for Halloween fun. Three weeks later my life took a turn for the worse. Here is my list of bad happenings...<br />
<br />
1. My teenage daughter started getting into trouble at school a lot and still is.<br />
2. I got the flue which lasted 1 month and ruined my Christmas. <br />
3. Got cockroaches which took 4 months to get rid of with 4 visits from the exterminators. <br />
4. Car broke down in March 2009. Had the car five years and mechanic said it wasn't worth fixing.<br />
5. Parents helped me get a new car, but every used car I tried out had obvious problems while test driving them. <br />
6. One week after got another car, came down with brochitis which last 2 months.<br />
7. Lost a filling in my tooth.<br />
9. New car started having problems with air conditioning hose leaking water on floor.<br />
8. Mammogram came back bad.<br />
9. Got another bad cold that last two months with two secondary infections. <br />
10. Seriously hurt my back lifting a heavy mirror while house cleaning.<br />
11. Knee arthritis flared up very bad. Made walking painful, especially up the stairsin my home.<br />
12. Met a guy online whom jerked me around for three months and then ditched me after meeting me and figuring out I wouldn't sleep with him.<br />
13. Another bad mammogram. <br />
14. Neighbor committed suicide who lives under my roof on the other side of my duplex apartment. <br />
14. During this whole time period my alcholic boyfriend weren't getting along.<br />
15. In the last 3 months or so alcoholic boyfriend drinking twice as much.<br />
16. Found out today that my daughter broke her cell phone and ran up a bill for two months totalling $415.0 which was partly the fault of her friend who visited the month before.<br />
<br />
I belief that I cursed myself on Halloween 2008 and shouldn't have been fooling around with the occult. Another belief I have is that i am suffering from bad Karma and I am paying a debt. I went to a psychic and she said that there are no such things as curses...but, I dont' know. I sure hope that you are doing better now. An Indian friend of mine told me to wear something around my neck that I really like to ward off evil spirits, such as a favorite necklance or a clear crysta. Hope this helps...

i know it sounds obvious, but i cannot just become a lawyer because i have to pass the bar first. with my illness, i cannot do that. it's breaking my heart.

law school? why don't you just become a lawyer?