I Think My Whole Family Is Cursed.

Especially when it comes to money. Now I have read that if you believe you're cursed you will be due to drawing negativity to you. But, I think it was already there from the day I was born. Nearly everyday I get sh!t on by bad luck, God, who/what ever. I seem like I can never win in life. part of me is like "Oh Woe Is Me." and the other part is like "SFW." I wonder if my ancestors went too far and p!ssed off a gypsy or witch in the medieval times or 1600s? My father's surname has a coat of arm/family crest which is a sign of some kind of dignity,so may be my great great-beyond great ancestors went too far with their high and mighty ways toward peasants who cursed them and their bloodline. Who knows, all I know if i didn't have bad luck,I wouldn't have any Luck at all. Plus my dad (now deceased for 20 years now) always played the lottery every week,hoping he'd win,but never did.  He would always boil cabbage on New Year's day for good luck (some kind of superstition), and never got any good luck,he died on New Year's day  1997 from a heart attack. He was boiling cabbage in a big pot when my older brother found him on the couch. he was also a severe alcoholic. 
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My family has what we call "the Black Cloud." It mostly effects males, since they keep the name past marriage.

From generation to generation my family suffered because of Great-Grandmother's Curse.
Deaths, diseases, bad luck. I wanted to stop it. Nobody believed in me but I had a daughter and was responsible for her life. I went to see a medium and she told exactly what happened 70 years ago and what only my grandmother knew. It was unbelievable! I asked her for for help. It wasn't easy but It worked. Now we live a beautiful life.
You can read my whole family story:

I wonder the same thing every day.... Only one side of my family bloodline has severe issues... Premature death, and especially drug addiction, passed down for at least 4 generations. I can't seem to EVER catch a "break" so to speak. Now I have a daughter and I do not want her to suffer for something my ancestors (or myself) did.

I also left out severe depression and hustling tendencies... My grandfather survived by hustling the streets.... Even won a Cadillac in a game of poker

Yea, I know it's hard to NOT think you're cursed when yourself and most of your family is troubled. I think I have a curse in my family, too. Alcoholism, hoarding, and anxiety runs on both sides of my family. And spiritual delusion runs on my dad's side. My father is pretty crazy and is called "evil" by his own brothers. My dad put a curse on my aunt and I think he put a curse on me. It's hard not to think about it, really.