My dad works at home for several small businesses and would get paid by each, one or several hundred dollars a month. He also does taxes at a tax office and does well during tax season and has relatively few (but still a significant number) tax clients during the off-season and gets paid by them.  I work for him typing things, and we're trying to expand the business and I would have a much better job.  I'm also trying to get into fiction writing.  I'm trying to work and help out and support myself, in these ways.

We seem to have bad luck getting money sometimes.  Sometimes it's like we're prevented from getting money.  We get so frustrated.  We really need the money, we would be kind of poor.

Back in 2002, we had a different family business, a foundation, and we kept waiting for something in particular that would result in money for the family, but it kept being delayed.  My mom would say, "one delay after another".  It never came in.  Later, something was supposed to happen that would give us money, involving someone, and she had an aneurysm before it could happen.  At times we would think every time we're supposed to get additional money through work, something bad would happen to prevent it.  I remember a few times, including months ago and very recently, my dad was supposed to get paid by several different clients and he ended up paid by no one, the pay was just delayed. 

This year we have had great loss of income; this year most of my dad's clients' businesses have had to reduce my dad's pay or be suspended or closed due to problems with them.

It turns out August is a bad-luck month for my dad or us.  My dad brought it up last August.  We were poor last August.  This August is extremely  bad.  We have been poor from the loss of income and unable to get additional money any time we tried.  On Wed., Aug. 22, someone was supposed to call  my dad about giving him a loan, and he never called.  That's so frustrating; it's part of the bad luck.

In the coming week, my dad is reaching out for help from several particular people and expecting some payments for work to come in, and hopefully some payments would actually be received.

We expect September to be better, because we would be out of the bad-luck month and one of the businesses is supposed to receive grants that my dad wrote for and would get a cut of.
MDenise MDenise
31-35, F
Aug 26, 2012