Cursed From Beyond??

I met my husband a while after his girlfriend died of autoimmune disease. Some 11 years ago now. On her death bed, surrounded by family and, of course, my now husband, she made him swear that he'd NEVER EVER love another woman.
We met when he brought his daughter to my house for a sleep-over. Have been inseparable ever since. Perfect match. Deeply in love on so many levels.
Strange thing is that the absolute, most heart-breaking things have occurred. More than I can possibly say. And cause unspeakable duress and strain. So many, so often that our marriage is now shaky.
To top it off, I'm now diagnosed with a most often fatal autoimmune disease of my own, just like his deceased girlfriend.
I've Systemic/Diffuse Scleroderma. No cure. I've multiple organ involvement. Not good. Not good at all. And bad thing STILL continue to occurr.
This horrible combination makes me feel as though we're being punished by his dead girlfriend. Because he had the audacity to live his life and love again. And have a magnificent son together.
I feel this is OUR curse. Because it affects all three of us.
I want it out of me and my house.
Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
More than anything else, I'd love to have a medium come to my home, without knowledge of my story.
seameadowgirl seameadowgirl
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1 Response Nov 2, 2012

get a "worker" to do a curse reversal for you. This is the Only way you will get rid of it! I am going through the same thing exactly along with some majik from her jealous ex husband. You will continue to have troubles otherwise and it will only get worse.