Yeah my friends used to joke around that I was cursed with guys. They don't joke about it any more because they all think it's true now. It doesn't matter where I am I always have the weirdiest experience with guys. Just strange things like there will be a random guy trying to talk to me from a tree in his underwear. Everyone has things like this happen to them every once and a while but it happens to me almost every single day and it's always a guy!

missadventurer missadventurer
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Is that why so many girls seem to have crushes on me for some reason? Odd because I'm very SHY!

Ha, I think you're right! But I think it's girls who have the genetic defect because we keep seeking you guys out for some reason.

every girl is cursed with guys cus any relationship with a guy is cursed. most guys are deranged devious and downright ******. i kno cus im a guy. there are some good ones tho.. myt be a genetic defect


personal experience huh?

Yeah. And come one, you're not going to find an AC up in a tree. I know that all too well.

haha well, that would logically make more sense than just turning the AC on.

Ah come on don't think that. Just because strange things happen when it comes to you and boys doesn't mean your cursed. I mean, that guy in the tree? Maybe he was naked save for his underwear because he was hot and wanted to cool down?