Why Me???

I strongly believe that i have been cursed from a young age,everyone I get close to seems to die,not from natural causes.Im scared to let anyone into my life as Iv been around too much death and distruction,if only i could go back in time I would change so much.Are curses real if not is there a God and if so why so much hurt and pain in one persons short life. Forgive me if i sound like im feeling sorry for myself i dont mean to,iv just been stuck in this rut for too many years now and want despratly to get out.

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i have felt the same way im 32 and i have lost 28 people in my life.. seems like i only deal with death and its depressing..

i understand you, everyone I got close to has died and i dont know why... i think im cursed too... i posted about this once... then after the post even my oldest, closest brother passed... im terrified for the few whom I love and who r left

You could be manglik dosha.. check the defination under google or wikepedia you need to go to a indian temple to get the cursed removed .. you may not beleive this but trust me it could be a possibility these things are real .. check it out hun all the best to you .. take care

Look around you. Everything that was created by humankind first began as a thought in the mind of a human. It stands to reason that if your key thoughts are focussed on death,then that is what you will see. It also stands to reason that if your key thoughts are focussed on life then that also is all you will see. At the end of the day there is only one thing that we have complete control of and that is our attitude. In my culture as a Maori we live side by side with death all the time. As a result it has helped me to remember that everything in our mortal world is temporary. This in turn makes me live every moment of my life with joy in the knowledge that I am alive. Some live their lives as if they are never going to die and some die as if they have never lived. Your life is a valuable precious thing. Never doubt that for one second. Every feeling and every thought that you have ever had has come from within you. You are the only one who has the power to decide what you think. Yes, the universe does revolve around you. mr goodfriend

pretty scary isn't it. we have something in common. let me get back to u on this. shadow

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I know what you mean, but the life, im afried. people being born or taken away. we have to control of it. we just have to live life as it come.<br />
I know your afried to let people in, but im sure your not the only one, it time to grif, but im sure the people who passed wouldnt want you to give up. but live your life, enjoy and be lucky you have people who wana be with you. Love is priceless :)