How Does One Get So Much Antithesis And Everything Imaginable That Prevents Obtaining A Goal?

How does one get so much Antithesis and everything imaginable that prevents obtaining a Goal? (If it's not a Curse)

My Goal?  Was to have that idea erotic women in my life, that would work at keeping each other healthy in life and seeing how life is aesthetically pleasing by our own biological nature.  So I'm deprived of such, my health deteriates and lose my means instead of gain my means in this life.

(Blame this Site for No Spell Checker to Help Me Correct My Spelling.  Another Curse.)

I've lost all my teeth just about. I don't look good with the teeth.  I wear glasses.  I have a stomach hiatia hernia. I'm now gain weight, rather than losing it.

All my efforts are not getting me anywhere.  When something looks good, it's really like 1 step forward, while it has been at other times 3 steps backwards. It's an illusion that I seem to make progress at my fortunate steps forward.  But looking how much goes forward to how much takes me backwards.  Its like 3 steps backwards, then a step forward in an illusion that I will get to my Goal. But not really.

Wanting this intimacy with a woman should be aesthetical for good health reasons. Not just for this world's evolutional propragational means to bring new life into this world in the way this world approves of it. Most life then sees inimicalness and savageness from a serving purpose. If we had purpose to find that life to make it healthy, then erotic intimacy has that purpose. But what I have in my uncoventional means from the majority of this world. Puts a curse on us for being in a minority.  That is a Curse! And the world will not convience of me that there is a GOD, when there is Curses in our lives.

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I was in the mood to write this Story as short as I can. A lot of Details where left out. And I jumped from idea to idea. Without a lot of explaination to it. I'm like that. It gets hard to get into all the Detail and have my best grammer and spelling go into it. Basically I notice that when I go for what I like. It eludes me. And what I don't like. Comes at me. As if this life is trying to give me trouble most of the time. And wanting to have what I want, isn't going to allow me to get it. No matter what stage I'm in. And I have been in all of them. Trying too hard. Somewhere inbetween and nothing at all. Every one of these has a way to be intimadating. I am happy with myself when nothing is going on. When I like to do something. It requires having the approprate things for wanting to do such things. Can't watch TV without having the TV and what the TV needs to show us anything. Or if one likes to Sail. Can't do any Sailing without a Sail Boat.

im confused... may u simplify please for this simple mind?? hehe cuz so far if im correct on this advice i can say that a person is cursed in some way.... ive said this bout my entire family being cursed... but if u want to break that curse stop trying so hard, well either ure trying too hard or not enough,,, honestly i dont know the best advice i can give, but u shouldnt need a significant other to make u happy, in a twisted way i think if u r happy with ureself and dont give a f uck, like once ure completely satisfied that u can live ure life out on ure own someone will pop up outa nowhere, still keep ureself available still,,,, <br />
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p.s. sorry not the best for given adivce but hopes it helps...