I want to just start off by saying, I know most would not care to reply, and I completely understand. I have gone through this for.. Well my entire life, I just didn't know it. All I knew was that I was sad and never happy, until I reached sixth grade. I noticed my "sadness" getting to an extremely dreadful feeling. I was always insecure, unlike most guys, I saw myself in the mirror only to see someone I hated more than the ignorant ungrateful people around me. A lot of my appearance, people being obnoxious for their age had a lot to do with what I felt. I tried not to care but eventually gave in. Miracelesely, I met a girl who I loved and cherished throughout entire middle school, despite the ups and downs. She taught me most of what I know now. I only wish to thank her for getting me back on my feet. Unfortunately our unforgettable relationship came to an end last year. Instead of being upset and longing for us to "work out" again, I chose to see our 3 years as a lesson, that I could be more than what I thought I could EVER be. I really appreciate what we had and I have NO regrets... Only now, I have what I longed for, my appearance has improved, I have my mind set on school and I have everything planned out after. But yet I feel more terrified than I did before, am I not ready for what the world has to offer, am I always going to feel this way. Why do I feel this? Am I depressed again?
ihatemypclife ihatemypclife
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2014