Single By The Way Life Unfolds

lets see, i have been married once, a long term relationship, and a few shorter ones. What I have noticed is, that I'm okay being by myself. I find that in relationships, there is expectations that I am required to act, and do things a certain way. doesn't work for me, the artist in me, the creative side, chooses to be free from the entrapments of what society deems relationships have to be. are we ever really truly by ourselves, I may not have anyone beside me at night, yet I do not lack in having friends. I don't go out of my way to meet anyone, because I have things I want to do. I'm not interested in a partners family reunions, or meshing myself into their lifestyle. UGH! as an artist I'm a watcher, I tend to see what drifts by and take that and turn it into a creative work, If a person happened to come by into my life that is wanting the same as me, then it may turn into something more than friendship, call it a mutual understanding of shared creativity. This however, is very rare in the world today as everyone scurries around to make money, live beyond their means, and jump from one moment to the next without pausing to reflect. So, I can say, being single is okay for me, it kinda works, and gives me the freedom to create and explore. Never found another who wanted the same as of yet, and I may never, so, i think i will make myself a coffee, and write down some thoughts.
lostinthinair lostinthinair
51-55, M
Sep 13, 2010