I Wonder....

I wonder if it is possible to keep your head leaned back when you sneeze. If so, I wonder if you stick a bead in your nose and sneeze (We sneeze at 100mph on average!!!) if it is the same as a bebe gun?

I wonder why it is illegal to get high, yet cigarettes and alchohol are legal? Granted, cigarettes only hurt that person but I've never seen anyone get in a fight or seen a girls cloths fall off on weed alone! oh yeah, there's this car that runs on water...

I wonder why kids choose to use colorful phrases at a bad time? They are FINE at home smiling and being normal, take them to grandma and they tell her that her hair looks like ****! (not my kid people!) or wait till they are outside to scream at their brother to get off thier M-Fing bike!!! And people look at the parents like they have two heads. Hello, seen Fox network?

Experts say if it's done to you, you will do the same. This I am firmly against! I wonder if these shrinks stop to think it had to start somewhere, so the cycle can be broken. Everybody has skidmarks on thier life, this is the true fact. I wonder when we are gonna show people how to be survivors, not victims!

I wonder what dogs and cats think when they see some of the things couples do. Do they care? Are they cheering us on?

I wonder if Soni will bake me some cookies if I bake her a cake?

Where did the easter bunny come from? My biggest wonder is why does the bunny poop colorful eggs? I wonder what Jesus thinks of this twisted creature?

Why does school not teach you life skills? I came out with vast knowlege of Egypt and...well the rest went up in smoke. hehe. ANYWAYS, My *** ain't going to Egypt, and I still don't know how to keep a house clean! Not to mention a seen a woman try to pour oil into the dipstick holder of a car! Get where I'm heading here?

I wonder how in the hell people poop on the bottom of the toilet seat!?! I know it's gross but if you've cleaned a toilet you know what I am talking about! your cleaning away, sanitizing the seat  and it looks all clean, then you lift it to clean the bowl and BAM! a seat bottom that looks like a chololate chip doughnut! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

I wonder if  God has a sense of humor?

I wonder why a child don't mind another child in any form, yet parents teach thier child to self-segragate and blame another culture for the segragation.

I wonder why we bust out laughing when someone trips, yet when we do we tell them to stop laughing?

I wonder if I'm having a girl or boy?

I wonder what the ladies in nail salons or mexican/chinese restaurants are REALLY saying! (haha! Stupid Americans! LOL)

I wonder why people don't use the word fly anymore? Cause Hansons new **** is FLY!!! hehe...

I wonder why in the south we say north/south, when really there is a language barrier between east(beach) and west(Mountians) in the Carolinas.

I wonder why people think southerners are dumb? We are not slow, we're lazy! Northerners take the time to pronounce there words, to make sure others understand, while I feel southerners abrieviate and use slang to save breath and time and we use common sense to decipher the code, like a secret launguage. (Ex. **** on a Shingle-Sausage gravy drizzled in toast. Well Ain'tcha?- Well are you going to? Youins- All the people (usually children) in the listening area. A'ight now!- I am speaking for the last time. If you do not adhear to my warning all the wrath I can possibly muster into one breath is going to rain down into a punishment/hold out (you know what I mean men) so sever the devil himself will cringe in awe!)

I wonder why when I lay down my barain decides to work?

I wonder if your bored yet?

Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
2 Responses May 22, 2007

i just clicked random story after an awful day and laughed wicked hard! thanks for that

your story made me smile and think about those stuff huh now i do wonder well i just wanted to say i did liked it ann no was not bored at the end :)