Every Time I See Him OH It Shows On His Face

Well let me catch you up awhile ago we opened up out home to one of my bro's but this one is different there is something there but we just can not cross that line so I avoid him as must as possible but fate keeps making us cross paths at the most unexpected moments it catches us all by surprise him , my mate , and I wow the tension is so thick. The only thing that keep us from ever taking it to any other level other than bromance is the fact he is defined straight ! I said I would not cross that bridge but every time I see him I get so Sick that he is not with me when his eyes say he is all mine wonder how his girl would feel if she knew I was falling for him again I know my Gay bro/ roommate/lover or what ever the hell this is supposed to be can't stand to see or hear me even speak his name out loud lol but I Love it and and I just need to type it so I can read it MIKE I 'm joking no I am not ! I will look back on all this and Thank God for this very moment even if it comes back and bites my *** later.
Darianisrael Darianisrael
31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012