I Don't Know What To Do

I'm in sixth grade ( I lied about my age in case you were wondering.) and I like this boy named Julian. He's my first love. I keep wanting to ask him out but I'm afraid to. You see I've known him since I was in first grade, so we're really close friends. I just don't want to mess up our friend status if he says no. it'd be awkward. He's really funny, cute, and cool to hang around. The worst part is that he's in every class I have and either sits next to me or near me. I don't know what to do. I've had this dream over and over almost every night where me and him go out. Is this telling me to make a move, or I'm going crazy?
alaizrulez alaizrulez
13-15, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Just wait and see what happens. I knew my boyfriend since 6th (now in 10th) and we didn't want to ask each other out because we didn't want to mess up our friendship either. But he finally had enough and asked me out. If he likes you like how you like him, he'll ask you eventually. But don't rush it, because like you said, you don't wanna ruin a good friendship

if you have known each other this long then he probably only likes you as a friend no reason to ruin a friendship over a crush maybe when yall are older it can change