My Country Boy

Recently I met this guy in my class. We seemed to really hit it off, so I thought. What I didn't know was he just left his girlfriend if four years. He claims that the relationship was over for months, they just tried to fix their problems but couldn't. Anyways, when we first started talking we had so much in common the same music, where we want to live after college, and so much more. He treats me like any lady would want to be treated. Everything feels in the right place, he says that he likes me and "loves the way that I am" w.e that means. The hard part in all this is he just wants to be friends. We slept together once in the span of 2 months and it was incredible!!! What should I do? Move on? Try to push him out of the friend zone? Just I need some advice plz!!!
Iwearmyheartuponmysleeve Iwearmyheartuponmysleeve
Dec 13, 2012