I Don't Think I Am - I Know I Do!

So, for about the past year I've been getting closer and closer to my best friend - it's a guy! He's the typical "hottie on the football team." And, I'm not just saying that. Well, after getting really tight with him and his family, him and I both determined that the other one was always going to be there if we needed them.
Recently, things have changed. Both of us think that it’s for the better; I trust him more than any other person. I typically don't trust guys at all, just because I've been hurt so many times before, and he knows this.
I've taken good care of him when he was sick - and his mom and dad see how much I care about him. They thought at first, it was just a "phase" or a "crush.” I think, at one point, he thought it was too, but he quickly learned otherwise. And I knew, not too long after we started getting close, it was far more than a crush.
Lately, we've stopped arguing over silly things - like we used to. We've been the calm ones. We go for walks, drives or whatever, just to get away and have an excuse to hang-out by ourselves.
He's told me a few times he loved me, but it was like, during an argument or when we were playing around - so I don't know whether he was meaning it or just saying it like "a friend." I've said it a time or two myself, but I meant it.
We've been through a lot, and learned a lot from each other through the past year. We've grown a lot, too. It seems like the only thing that hasn't changed is how I feel about him - but thinking about it, that's changed.
It started off quite innocent, and now it's much more than I ever could have dreamed.

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Aww ^.^ yall are so inlove i think he likes you alot (: you should comment on my post