I Think Im In Love With My Guy Bestfriend

i think I'm falling in love with my guy best friend we like each other but the age difference scares him I'm 18 and he's 15 but i can't help who i like or fall in love with nobody will no were going out he doesn't want me to get into trouble with the cops i mean if we don't tell nobody we got nothing to worry about right?.........is 3 years too big of a gab of age difference someone help me i can't just be friends with my best friend..........ahhhhhhhhhh...........:(

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To be honest 3 years is nothing, ideally though age gaps SHOULD be important when you are UNDERAGE. If an 18 year old wants to bang a 70 year old, the age gap is grand (little odd to some) because they are both consenting adults.
Being honest, the fact he's telling you to keep quiet about it sounds like he's been grooming you. To me someone who really loved you would say he'd wait until you're legal (date if you can't wait, but no sex), even if that means waiting until you're legal for sex if you really can't wait til you're an adult instead of telling you to keep it secret. That's how my friend was groomed into losing her virginity. Soon as it was over, he moved onto another underage girl.

my grandparents are 12 years apart. Compared to that, three years isn't that long. Take that into consideration.<br />
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Dating would be a good idea, but I think sex is a little far. For me-<br />
<br />
Dating+Sex=Breakup/Bad<br />
<br />
Dating-Sex=True love

Get you in trouble with the cops? No, it doesn't work like that. He would have to tell on you to get you in trouble. And usually that means an older man who tricked a naive woman into having sex with him by telling her she's beautiful and he loves her (sorta like guys her own age will do). <br />
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3 years difference is not that much, but you two are both probably very immature. Going out would not be a problem, but I would stay away from having sex with him. That could make things complicated in ways other than it being illegal.