I Actually Do Have a Problem

I hope this doesn't offend anyone out there but, sometimes I envy anorexics. I would never have the will power to quit food like that.  I wish I could. Even on diets I craved food terribly.  

The taste buds go mad for a nice flavour and the will power goes... exercise more they say, yet when I do, it makes me much more hungrier than usual....hence I counteract the benefits of burning up the calories, by eating.

I have had a huge belly for the last 6 years and nothing has worked.  The worst thing is, nobody believes me coz the belly is covered in clothes and the rest of me is thin.

I tried dieting and I lost the weight but the ole belly was still hard to get rid of. Since then I have piled it all back on.  The only time my belly went flat and looked normal, is when I accidentally got diarhoea for a few days and didn't eat much.

I have my last pole dance lesson next week and I'm glad the course is over, the once a week exercise hasn't helped much to tone up yet.  My confidence drops when I see the other girls in s*exy hot pants and non existant stomachs.  Then they tell me they pig out on cr*ap all week and I want to cry.

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2 Responses May 12, 2009

thanks for that, I tend to keep eating if something tastes nice, therefore out of greed, not necessity. Esp with junk food! <br />
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Therefore, today is my first day of eating healthy, and much less.

I feel the same way...I had a breakthrough with my weight loss (from just about 200 lbs to 127 lbs) and kept it off for 3 yrs, but then a part of the weight came back (I'm an emotional eater!)...and especially in the belly.<br />
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I'd suggest a 7-day detox package from walmart. It works, and 'flushes' everything out of your system. At the end of the 7 days, you should have a flatter belly. And drink lots of water. Hope that helps.