Please Help Me. I'm About to Go Insane!

Why did the mental health nurse pop up @ my house unexpectedly JUST to try to tell me to clean my house?
& then she just left? I'm 24, & I have a college degree. She gave me NO warning that she was coming over. Plus, all I was doing was reorganizing papers. I was in the middle of cleaning, so OF COURSE papers will be all over the place!

It's routine for her to see me every month. But she just pops up with out calling or warning. & today, she pissed me off by telling me about the condition of my house, when I didn't ask for her opinion.

But why did she do this? Why are mental health professionals so intrusive in my life? I can't even get a boyfriend.

They think that just because I have a mental illness, then that means I'm too stupid to know left from right. Why can't I live like a normal human being? & these "professionals" don't give a **** about me b/c when I see them @ WalMart, they turn their noses up @ me & roll their eyes like I'm the most grotesque being on this Earth. They just wanna have somebody to ******' CONTROL! They're greedy for control, & they're making my life & mental health symptoms worse. I'm about to say to ******' hell with mental health services, & all those greedy ******' dogs do is make your God damn mental health symptoms WORSE!

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What happens to the self under the Christian faith? It is an important question as the self is the only thing we own. It is the only thing we will take out with us when we go out of this world. It is the thing we have to live with while we are here. You can'��t blame some people for not wanting to live with themselves forever. The self is not a good companion.
Modern psychology says three things about the self. Know thyself, accept thyself, and express thyself. I would have to reject this view of personality of the modern psychologist. What is the matter with these three things?
First of all they say, know yourself. But, you cannot know yourself studying yourself in relationship to yourself and others. You have got to know yourself in relationship to something beyond yourself, higher than yourself'�'God. You have got to know the purposes and that plan. The Christian faith teaches that you are a child of God and your destiny is to be made like the son of God. Second, they say accept yourself. But how can you accept an unacceptable self often full of conflicts, confusion, fears, resentments, self-preoccupation and guilt? To tell a man to accept himself under those circumstances is to tell him the impossible. You cannot accept yourself because yourself is not an acceptable self.
Third, express yourself. But you get a dozen people together, all of whom want to express themselves, and then what have you got?
What is the matter with these things? They lack one thing, and that one thing is the thing that the Christian faith would put into it: Surrender yourself, give back to God the one thing you own, lose it in a higher purpose '�' a higher will. What will happen to that self when you surrender yourself to God? Does He say, '��Now that I got him, I wipe him out?'�� Did God create us to annihilate us? Then what kind of a Creator would He be? The more I belong to God and His Kingdom, the more I belong to myself. Bound to Him, I walk the earth free. Low at His feet I stand straight before everything else. I lose my life, but I find it again. I am never so much my own as when I am most His. So the self is not wiped out. It is cleansed and because it will live with God, it can live with itself. And if you can live with yourself, you can live with others. I cannot only accept myself, but I can love myself. Christianity teaches self love. '��Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.'�� You can love yourself because you love something beyond yourself.
I accept myself because I have been accepted by Him. I cannot reject what he accepts. I cannot despise what He loves. If He loves me, I love myself. So you find yourself in the place where you can take the second point of psychology, accept yourself. We do now. It is wonderful to be able to live with the self you can accept. Then third, you can express yourself. Why? Because Paul said, '��FOR ME TO LIVE IS CHRIST.'��
When I express myself, then I express Him. So I can express myself. I'��m a witness to what He is and what He does for me.
It is a wonderful thing then to lose your life in a will, a purpose, a higher purpose that your own, and it comes back to you again. The self is not wiped out. You now know yourself, you accept yourself, and you express yourself. These three things can be acceptable because in front of all three of them, you surrender yourself. Yourself in your own hands is a problem and a pain, but yourself in the hands of Christ is a possibility and a power. If you will surrender yourself to Jesus Christ today, you will find yourself again no longer a problem but a power, no longer a conflict but a conqueror. It is wonderful to be His because when you are His, you are your own.

I didnt know they could do that, but try to just take their advice. kind of like when you get mad at your parents for little things they would bug you about, not realizing they are just trying to teach you a lesson that will be very important later on. Not to mention living in a clean environment will help you to think more clearly and keep you in a good mood. but good luck and i hope you find a psychiatrist who isnt so nosey

I'd hate for someone to drop in on me right now. I don't clean house as regularly as I should. Sometimes I get paranoid; I can't imagine going through what you are. It sounds awful. Hope you feel better.

Obviously they are intrusive because you are on the public dole and have been diagnosed with some mental impairment.. If you were not why would they have access to your home or be required to check up on you at all.<br />
<br />
Incidentally all your rantings at the unjust world for its intrusions on you serves no purpose but to reinforce the fact that you are one troubled individual. <br />
<br />
Save your energy into solving your mental problems and maybe that college degree will do you and the world some good.<br />
The first step to a cure and better life is to acknowledge you have an illness.

thanks for the help

Damn, good luck on finding a way through that. People can be so damn ignorant sometimes. I've met a lot of people who failed to be doctors and ended up being hopeless, stuck up bastards because of it. You don't need a bunch of losers running your life. I bet you have a hell of a lot more personality than they do.