Im Not to Sure Once Again

i love the gothick look, music and colors and shades i just dont think i sutes me so have held back on it i like the gore i really dont know why. and its just so dark and mystirous thats why oi think theres alot of quistions that i would ask but i hold them in coz there a bit dumb. i think i might be a bit to spiratual for it tho thats why it dosent sute.

i think that underneath it all i am goth 

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2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Muth, can it.<br />
The Gothic Subculture has nothing to do with your jesus. Goth is a subculture, not a religion. Go hawk your mute christ where it is wanted. Educate yourself before spouting rhetoric.<br />
<br />
To the OP: If you want to learn more about Goth and what it really is, check out some sites like, or run a search on Goth Subculture.

Hey dear one, i dont know much about gothicism but i know something about what might help you know who you really are. ITS JESUS CHRIST: HE SAYS COME TO ME all you who are tired and need rest. Give Him a try. i did and i know who i am now. i know were i am going. Ask him to come and help you choose right. REALLY THERE IS NOTHING LIKE JESUS.

Religious hippie there are some people on the site that don't want to hear about your spiritual god all might don't go showing it off to everyone cause some people might punch you right in the nose for it.