Emotional Affair Or Friendship??

i met my FL on FB few years ago...and recently we started chatting and calling each other.we have been closer now in terms of sharing our thoughts than when we were relationship before.. BUT we r both very practical enough and know that we have different lives.

What bothers me is both our respective partners are not aware that we keep in touch as we know it will hurt them..

is this emotional affair? i would like to believe that we have a emotional frienship... i just don't want anything to complicate our relationships with our respective partners and am wondering if i shud stop communicating...It would be very difficult now as we would love to keep in touch and know about whats happening in our lives.. 
what do you all think...
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2012

Please think long and hard before you cross that line of no return. My fling and I decided from the begininng that we were not ending either of our marriages. You would think that would make it less confusing. It has not. Sure all was great for the first few months....eventually the real world will pop the balloon of fantasy, and it is loud. You will think what am i doing, what have I done and how do I get out of this. It was wonderful though......felt right, felt good, put smiles on our faces, made us think that we could face tomorrow. But it can't go on. I'm sure your own sense of reason will kick in. My situation was perfect I only had to wait for phone calls or wait for the perfect time to meet. It gets old fast. Why do adults act like silly teenagers...??????

thnks for ur comment... yeah respective partner is my husband... i love him and he loves me.. <br />
there is no way I will leave my marriage- I beleive it to be life long.. <br />
<br />
But these recent communications with FL are confusing me if i shud continue.. and have guilty conscious as i know my husband won;t like it...