I Did It...

I meet someone close to me here on EP, we've been emailing each other and sent pics to each other. He's really cute! We talked about meeting but, we were both hesitant on doing so. I think I was most of all very nervous, I'm older and married for ?? Yrs.. I asked him a lot of stupid questions (last one was if he was a cop, jaja didnt want to get in trouble) he just laughed! I took awhile to set something up with him. At times wanting to cancel. He said he wanted to meet me so I was excited! We finally set up a meeting point. I got in his truck and we started talking we had a good conversation then he asked if the **** on my pics were mine I said "no those are fake" he said "they are" I said "why don't you prove it " and he touched my breast and said "dam they are big the nipples are big too" he said "pull up your blouse" so I did. He saw them better and asked "can I sucked them" I said "please do".. He sucked them so gently and wrapped his tongue on my nipple I was holding his head closer to my breast enjoying every minute. Then I said "my turn" so I told him to open his pants and slid my hand inside. I felt he was already hard cuz he was enjoying my breast. His hard, shaved **** and balls felt nice as I was ******* him, i felt his precum.He grabbed my crotch and He then asked "are you wet", I said of course. He then said "let me see" so I put my fingers inside my pants and showed him my precum he then touched my fingers and felt it too. He put his whole hand inside my pants and was playing with my *****..ohhh that was sooo good! We were both enjoying each other. I felt we both wanted to do more, but maybe was too soon. Maybe there will be a next time!!
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mmmm nothing like meeting someone for the first time

Wish that had been me. I have been wanting to play with you for along time now. You have a body that I would love to enjoy. I would love to please you too. You sound so nice and are really a good person who deserves to be happy, sexually and otherwise.

Thx.. Babe

anytime my friend.

This was amazing :) That guy was so lucky! I'd give anything to experience you <3

You should definetly try for a next time .

I envy you, never have met anyone on ep in person yet

Ooo I wish that was me!!! Mmm I would love to suck the **** really good and nice!!!

Wish you lived closer to me . I love sucking breasts

Sounds good!!

What a lucky guy!!! Im sure he enjoyed those big huge nipples of yours! YUMMY!!!

You think he did? I wonder if he wants more?

I know he wants more. Im sure he wants to bend you over and **** you while holding on to those big nipples!!!

I wonder if he'd kiss me this time?

very hot lady