Can An Emotional Affair Be One-Sided?

I met a wonderful woman last year at work who suggested she was interested in me.I was dismissed shortly thereafter and had a friend give her my email.She immediately responded with ``I MISS YOU!``
We exchanged messages for a month or so,nothing suggestive in nature,and then stopped.
Fast forward 6 months and I sent her a holiday greeting,saying I missed her very much.She seemed surprised to hear from me and wanted to see me.We`ve been emailing all year
I think there`s a chance we(I) may have rekindled the computer relationship.We are probably going to meet for lunch next week.
I`m in a sexless marriage and I simply adore this woman!She has a boyfriend of four years.
She`s kind of hard to read as to whether she wants a relationship or not.(probably not).
I think I`m in love with this woman.
I believe I`m in an emotional affair and it hurts!
Is it an emotional affair if only I see it that way?
Lolich Lolich
51-55, M
3 Responses Jan 31, 2013

It hurts like nothing I have ever experienced! :(

lt will hurt. tremendously!

Yes I'm afraid to say it is an ea even if its one sided I understand similar happened to me at first it was great before I knew it I was in too deep yes ea hurt very much I think it just has to run it s course good luck

Thank you,Angels.
It is very painful and I want nothing more than to continue this friendship.I don`t ever want it to ``run it`s course``.