First time writing on this site, and not told anyone about this before.


I started using an application of facebook, just to have some online fun - a bit of flirting I guess, not wanting anything serious, just some fun and flirty online chat I guess.  I started chatting to a girl who is a few years younger than me.  And we started chatting about all sorts for quite a while each night.  She was telling me about other guys who she has met online who is her bf, but has never met.  She was going to move across the other side of the country to be with him even tough they had never met.  She also told me she was saving herself for him.  We kept chatting and being a bit flirty too.  She then told me how they had not chatted in a while but still longed for him, although met this other guy online who she really wanted too. and she told him he was her bf too.  She was also wanting some flirty fun and told another guy she was her bf also.  Except this guy (who she didnt really like too much), added the new guy she did like to his friends on facebook, and found out they were both called her bf.  So the one she liked started not talking to her.  Now, I was just wanting to have some flrity chat, but we started talking all the time.  I could not understand how she can be accussed of two timing someone who she had never even met, or have feelings for someone she had never met.  She then told me one day she was on the phone to her friend, who put her on the phone to her guy friend - 5 hours later she had lost her virginity to this guy.  When she told me, I was really shocked, annoyed, angry on her behalf - I realised I had feelings for her - feelings I didnt think people could have when they had never met.  We talk for hours on IM each day - day and night in to the early hours.  We were friendly and flirty.  Well she didnt really like the way this guy and her slept together and regrets doing it, but for some reason has seen him again and he kissed her - not slept together, but now she is hanging out with him too.  She says she doesnt know what she feels, but knows she doesnt like him.  I know that if i just wanted her for sex I wouldnt care, but I really do like this girl and almost want to protect her it seems.  Even though I am in a different country and would not be able to get a visa to work there.  Am I crazy having feelings for a girl I have never met or spoken to who is younger than be by a few years and who lives in a country that would be very hard for me to get a visa for?.. We both want to meet when i go travelling there soon.  


not sure what I want people to say about this or hear - just to clarify things in my head I guess. 

kingofnothing kingofnothing
26-30, M
Feb 20, 2010