My Sister Is Getting Married

I am happy for my sister, I know I am but I don't know if I am ready to let her go. I will surely miss her. She's getting married four months from now. I can't believe time flies so fast. I knew it will happen to either of us but now that it came, it made me kinda sad. She's the only sister I have. When we were little, we never have anything in common when it comes to child plays. She prefer staying home and read rather than go out with us and play.  I am the tomboy one and she was and always is the 'lady'.  She's more sensitive and I am the hard one.  We have our differences but that didn't hinder our closeness because we understand each other.  She understand my strong personality and she knows me so well she wants to protect me. 

She had herself measured for the gown yesterday and I did mine, too.   While I was watching her, it dawned on me she'll be leaving us soon.  I wanted to cry but I know that wont help since I know she's not ready to leave us, too.  I want to help her as much as I can cuz she needs it.  She's having a wedding glitch now and she's pretty adjusting with the idea so, I guess it'll probably take time. 

Somehow I am excited for her.   She'll be living in a new family and a very huge commitment.   I may not be 'that' ready but I have to cuz this is what it has to be.   She's getting married and I have to accept that fact.       




WandaFull27 WandaFull27
26-30, F
Feb 7, 2007