There's Enough of Me to Go Around!

I don't think that a person should be trapped by the societal notion that love is strictly reserved for one other person.  I fully believe that I'm capable of loving and respecting more than one person.
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3 Responses Oct 12, 2006

I don't know. Every time I think about really getting into it it is like...maybe I am really not cut out to do this. It is hard to think of being sexually attached to two people I love. <br />
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Having an occational fling with someone I don't love. Well, that is a different story. I wouldn't mind being able to just have sex with a second partner, but I would rather it be with someone I don't love.<br />
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I can love two people at once, but I don't think I could make love to two people and be a relationship with them at the same time.<br />
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I usually would break up with the one and go to another and then back to the last one. Perhaps I am not polyamorous after all. Maybe just promiscous.

I agree but I believe that whoever we're loving, it should be COMMITED and responsible and honest. I sort of think I understand the polygamist lifestyle.

Have you experienced love for more than one person at the same time? Enlighten me.