I Might Just Be.

So a little background, I am 21 and my boyfriend is 23. We haven't been together all that long but we have the biggest connection in the world.We have never used protection of any kind what so ever in our relationship. We have never had a problem with making sure that we were careful with it so that I wouldn't get pregnant. Well that might not of worked. We had one night where it is a possibility and i've been having alot of symptoms, I haven't missed my period but that is hard to judge by because I am all over the place normally. I have been feeling nauseous throughout the day, extra tired and can't seem to sleep enough.A ton more headaches and my lower back just started hurting. Also i've been bloated and my boos are swollen and slightly tender and none of these are normal PMS symptoms for me. Another ting is when did I get so emotional! The littlest thing make me cry such as watching movies including Zohan yesterday! I am not one to cry during movies and randomly last night I started tearing up talking to my boyfriend about nothing! It is still to early to take a pregnancy test but I am pretty damn sure that I am. Another thing is me and my boyfriend are both dreaming about it. And I am even doing that whole rubbing my tummy and not even noticing it. Anyone else think that I am pregnant?
Frankiisgirl Frankiisgirl
18-21, F
May 6, 2012