I don't know what to do. I'm 15, and I think I may be pregnant!!!! We was 'unprotected' however he didn't *** inside me. However I know there is still chance he could he precumed. I don't what to do. I can't tell my mum because she'll be disappointed in me and she'll go so crazy. Im not sure if I'm even allowed to buy a test at my age? I'm so stuck, I don't know what to do or who to turn to :(
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just relax and try not to worry,hun. ? everything will be ok

1. every guy has precum, but its a clear liquid not white like ***. and pre *** is used to clean the top of the penis to stop infection from getting to the *****.
2. unless you gave him a bj or he cummed earlier, there should be no leftover ***** hiding in the tip still
3. there have been studies showing that precum doesnt contain actual *****

I think anyone can buy a pregnancy test. If not, ask someone older than u to get it.

How long has it been since the unprotected sex? What makes you think u r pregnant?

Use this as a lesson. Never have unprotected sex unless u want children or are taking birth control.

I know :'( I'm defo learning from this mistake. He keeps saying I'm not because he didn't buss in me. The first time my mum and her mum both did it unprotected they got pregnant. Which makes me think (if it is possible) that my family are really fertile and I might carry the genes

IF you are pregnant, maybe ur mom will understand because she has been through the same thing.

How long has it been since the sex and has there been any changes with ur body?

It hasn't been that long, like it's really early, but iv been paranoid ever since I did it. I'm spotting blood & my mum wasn't 15 😞

If ur spotting blood, u may be about to start ur period (yay!) or your hymen broke.

I think the paranoia is just getting to you. If you miss your next period, take a couple pregnancy tests.

When I was 15, my periods were very irregular. Sometimes i would skip months. Once i had it twice in one month!

If i were you, I would get several pregnancy tests and test them over the course of several weeks.

So just remember to get condoms or birth control :) I dont think u r pregnant but taking the tests will help ease ur mind. Sorry you are under all this stress.

I came off my period last week. Mine are very regular as Iv had it for years (started young). My hymen broke such a long time ago however I hope I'm just really paranoid :(

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