Angels Of Ashes

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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I wanted to quote some words of the song.... I couldn't choose..! Such a beautiful combination of an angelic voice, unique words and quiet music... makes me wanna dream!

See if you can get hold of the compilation ' Boy Child - Scott Walker 1967-70 ' , it's all like this. Incredibly beautiful and unique will love it ! :)

I will definitely do and will and will let you know ... : )

It sounds something like a combination of Jim Morrison and Nick Cave. I'm sure this is where the influence came from!

He pre-dated both of them. Nick Cave , amongst many others , regularly cites Scott Walker as an influence. ( And his poetry is in a different league to Morrisson's juvenile stuff ).

Yes, I've never heard of this guy but I heard Nick immediately in there. Could have been his dad there's so much resemblance