Such A Bad .......

i am doing community profiling for this whole week..
put it shortly,a profile of chosen community --> for my community and family case study.and its been a bad week too.. a group of
mine is consist of 12 person,but cooperation is very bad.i really try to be patient and stay focus
but,instead of doing my task now,ive come here to write this all.. urghh,teamwork is a pain,
as well as human are. parker(leverage)once said human are like lock,complex and complicated.. in which u need to be fiddly if u want to open the lock.
but for me,they used to be all bad. but not now,i mean i do become more and more matured with age,but you know what,being a person
with a distrustful heart and stubborn mind.,my heart and mind always reluctantly went back into what i was before.
Especially when i was and is still treated like this.
don't know what the heck am i writing.
but it does feel better.
that is all for tonight.
thank you.

ruinavlmer ruinavlmer
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010