If Only

If I had physical beauty I like to believe I'd be so much happier
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8 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Elooney..that's exactly it...I wish I didn't think this way but I do..

I feel the same it's kind of like I was a beautiful person I wouldn't have to worry about anyone else loving me because maybe I could love myself.

Aww thanks tzellar you're too sweet and I will try to follow your great advice

I feel the exact same way. If only i were happy with myself and my all around appearance i honestly believe that would make me a happier person. I wish i could give you some great advice and make you feel even a little bit better but I'm going through the same thing so it would make me a hypocrite if i tried ha. It's a long process though that's for sure, but i believe someday you will be happy with yourself and realize all the things that do make you a beautiful person. That's what i try to tell myself. From what i can see though, you are very pretty. I love your hair :) Jealous. I'm here if you ever want to talk!

@KyoAWare I seriously feel like this, I wouldn't have said it otherwise. And it stems from the fact that I feel that I am naturally "good" at all that I do, but when I go to look in the mirror I hate what I see...But I guess we can't always have what we want...<br />
<br />
@Anto815 Thanks for your comment.. I am working on truly accepting myself for who I am, but it proves very difficult. And I so talk to my dog too!!! haha I think they love to hear secrets..lol

Hi I feel for you! Im new to this sight and too me it?s good to know that I"m not alone! When I get like this.... It may sound "Stupid" but I talk morbid stories to my freaking dog. I don"t think he minds though,it"s not like he understands... You need to get out you have the whole summer and I"m sure you have many friends, Like my mom say"s too me "Beauty comes form the inside "Not the outside". I hate her when she says that "But I guess she is right in a way. You have to believe in yourself. Cheerb up your much too young and you have the whole summer to find that true love if you bdont"t have one! "Please and let me know how you are doing. Anto815

Do you honestly believe this? If so...why? Why do you even feel as though you are ugly? And what makes you feel that simply being more beautiful will bring such a drastic change?