He Said I Was Disgusting.

I have never had high convidence in my looks. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin; some people have told me that I look exotic. I didnt think I was extremely ugly and not overly attractive, in general I thought I was average but that all changed last night. I was out on the town with two my friends, we met three guys. As the night went on one of them gave his friend a hint to hit on me but instead he shook his head in disgust. They both wanted my two friends and the third guy was trying to hit on me but I wasnt that all interested. The all of a sudden the guy who shook his head at me just called me digusting and looked at me like Im the uglyiest person out there (He wasnt all that great looking himself), he was telling the third guy not to go near me and saying rude remarks. I felt so horrible, yes I could maybe loose abit of weight but its the fact he said that I was disgusting really hurts and I cant get it out of my head!!! I have had  two previous partners where they have hidden me away as in not letting me be seen with them by anyone like they were ashamed of me. Im thinking its because they thought I was not good looking enough to be seen out and proud with them, now they both have girlfriends who they show off to everyone and all I ever got from them was to be dumped, hurt, told to get out of their lives and never contact them again. I have never had a guy tell me that I am disgusting to my face, I now feel like I have to loose weight and work on my appearance. I hate feeling like guys are ashamed of me. My friends are good looking people and they tell me I am pretty but I just dont like how I look. Now when I think about it, maybe the reason guys have used, acted like they were ashamed and hurt me in the past is because they think I am disgusting. I feel like I have lost myself and I dont know how to get the real me back.
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Oh come on girl! I have pale skin, brown hair and brown eyes just like you! Beauty is not defined by shape or color. There's plenty of room for everyone! Redheads, blonds, brunettes, brown eyes, gray, blue, green, taller, shortter, thinner, bigger, pale or dark... Beauty is universal.

A similar thing happened to me once. My mother and I were in a mall and we walked by three guys and I could feel them looking at me and as we past them I heard one of the go "Yuck" as if to say "Yuck look at her. She's disgusting". That really hurt (it still does) and even though it happened SEVEN years ago I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. If I wasn't so damn shy I would've turned around and said something like "Thanks for shattering my self esteem you a$$hole!". Bastards you needs them >:(

its ok, i've had a lot of people call me hurtful things to my face, mainly when i was younger. Just remember that in someones eyes, you will be beautiful, in another's ugly. So stick around ppl who appreciate you. Also, people will judge your confidence. If you act ashamed, they will often take advantage, so dont take their bs. If some guy tells you you're disgusting, let him know what you really think of him, that will get him to shut up really quick. And if a bf doesnt want to be seen with you, dump him first, he'll know what it feels like to be unwanted and mayb think twice about how he treats his girls

like me everytime ithink that am uglyyyyyy :D

You can;t be paying too much attention to these people . I know that the remarks hurt .You need to look else where if you are looking for romance I am sure that there are a lot of guy's out there who would love to be with you .these guy's who are looking for a trophy generally don't have there trophies for to long because as you know there are always others challenging for the same trophy so unless they are on their game all of the time they generally lose their trophy so don't be to up set be thankful that these guys are out of your life now and you have room for the genuine guy who will come to you in Gods timing so just hang in there and try not to be to depressed Abigail the tranny