I Am Wreck

I do not think I am prety at all, I more so think I am very UGLY, my boyfriend thinks diffrently of course. But I honestly findn it hard to believe how he could find me attractive at all. I always compare myself to other girls, both in physical terms and in the inside. and just recently I broke into huge outburst of tears cause of jelousy. a female university friend of him added him and she blonde, tall and gorgouse very pretty. in normal terms for me my boyfriend never ever talk to girls rarely and all suddenly he write on a wall. and as I am now I am wreck cause of it. I know all guys are attracted to other woman but when I hear him say he is and he goes and write on her facebook wall I literally broke. and I am at my lowest point, god I have no idea how many times Ive cried, I know it is alot though. I have a very low self esteem and all I do is compare and recently I am doing in woth everyhting, news paper, magazines you name it I bet I can compare me to them negative ones.  
CagallinaRosetteZala CagallinaRosetteZala
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4 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Eye of the beholder.

why should you care about your looks when so many others can do that for you? look past the mirror and look into a different perspective.

first of all, i agree with what *shitunevasayoutloud* said about your boyfriend, cos if he finds you attractive, then there must be something about you thats beautiful!!! and then i ask you to think about it this way: if we all loved each other the way we love ourselves, then there really wouldnt be much love in the world would there? so try and love yourself a bit more, and take care!! *cowie* xxx

Girl... Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If your boyfriend finds u attractive then chances are u r. On another note, there are not alot of pretty people on this earth i think its just a matter of confidence and style that you may be lacking. Get off of your depression broom and start loving you. And so what if another ***** is friending your man and he is writing your man. If push come to shove and yall brake up move the **** on. There are too many men in this world that are attracted to so many different things to be worried about if the one you have is going to be faithful. Just act like your all that and don't give **** he will love you even more. LOVE UR SELF if you don't why should anyone else.