Can You See Me...?

I think I am ugly & then again i don't. In midddle school i was never called ugly maybe except once. But to me it was neer the fact that people didn't say i wasugly.. It was the fact that other girls got moe attention then i did because they were skinny, popular and had all the nice clothes. Sure i wanted all that stuff but my family struggles with our own problems. SO my mom can not dress me up like a princess and say "look at my beautiful daughter"

I have a big nose( you know they african american big nose!) I have big lips which i think does not compliment my nose. MY hair was a mess when i was younger but it is natural now. I love my natural hair but you know it is not really accepted by people. I am currently 180 pounds and trying so hard to lose weight so i can be healthy. NOw i am trying to except myself and i think it is working. I look into the mirror and see normal but i want to see beautiful everyday and be conceited to an extent. I'd liek to be skinny and wear pretty make up and stuff. I just want to take care of me. MOney isn'y really on my side. SO while i can get some things I can;t get everything. So i'm ugly to an extent.
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I was just like you...<br />
<br />
Its was really hard for me. In middle School, and elementary school i was tease really badly. I had people pulling my hair, and fighting me.They kept on bothering me until i borke down. Shitt.. I became super quiet because of it. I lash out on my sisters and mothers. I use to walk down the streets with my head down..and everything. <br />
<br />
Let me skip a bit. Let me tell you something what i do when im feeling ugly. I just started doing this recently but everyday in the mirror i say I am beautiful. It may seem stupid but after a while you really feel it.<br />
<br />
Cause girll i bet you are.

OMG, I'm not tryna be funny, but i swear your like my long lost twin or something!<br />
The way you describe yourself, sounds like me SPOT ON!<br />
I'm also black, although black British, and recently I've been feeling really ****** about myself. Like to do with weight issues and just generally not feeling pretty.<br />
Im about 180 lbs like you, have a big nose :'( , and struggle with security issues. All the girls, as you say who get attention have really nice expensive clothes, which is the sort of stuff that I could buy maybe once in a while, but then ofcourse I'd be broke, and would have no more money for anything else. I can't afford an amazing ostentatious wardrobe like others may =[. Also I wish I was skinnier. I keep trying to lose weight, but I just can't. I think I might just go on a crash diet, which I know is really unhealthy, but I'm at the end of the plank, in despair, and I don't the there's anything else I could try that would actually help :( <br />
I have big lips too, but tbh I'd say it's better for us to have bigger lips rather than smaller ones. Because if they were really small, they wouldn't be able to slightly balance out the nose issue, ahah, and then the nose would look out of proportion with the rest of the face :S Anyway, I don't know why I've just told you all this, but it is really nice to know somebody else who it feels knows EXACTLY how I feel. The weird thing is, as I was reading your post, I was almost like WTF, I don't remember joining this site ad making a post about myself. SERIOUSLY, thats how similar you are to me :) I don't really have any good advice, but I agree with the above post ;) confidence can be everything xx

Hi there!<br />
I really think you can lose weight without spending any money. Do more exercise, start to cut down your portion and try to eat healthy foods like fruits for snacks. Do more walking to places, and I usually do this while listening to my mp3 so I never get bored walking.<br />
My diet style is more to eating a small portion everytime, with snacks between meal time. Try not to be full everytime you eat, and you still can eat anything like ice cream, in a small portion. This way you don't really miss so many yummy foods.<br />
About dressing, I don't know where you live, but I know every city has a cheap shop that is quite nice, you just need to find it and choose the clothes carefully. I always buy tops and dresses for $AUD10 and my friends always compliment how nice the clothes are. So it is not impossible to look pretty when our money is tight :)<br />
Pretty is only appearance, but when you are confident, people can feel it and it makes you more beautiful.