I Am Not Ugly, I'm Just Different!

     I've been taught that i was ugly ever since i was a kid. It still affects me today. i've been a victim of verbal abuse by a lot of people over a very long time. Only through therapy and prayer was I able to heal from the scars of my past. I still deal with the pain as I type right now. because of my past, I often deal with bouts of depression. Only in rare moments do I have a glimpse of self-esteem. You can say i am still hurting from my sordid past.
     However, because of my "supposed ugliness" I have learned about my inner self. I know I am not like the average person walking down the street. i am learning to accept the existance of my inner self instead of its denial. Only through years of thearpy and lonliness did I grasp the flipside of things. I am learning a less painful way to accept myself. i am learning that i am beautiful on the inside. i am learning i am unique. i am learning about the silver lining. I am learning who i truly am after years of asking,"who am i?"
As for the beautiful,  I feel sorry for them. They will live their lives in ignorance. They will rely on something that will ware down after 50 years or so. Not I. I have a backup system. its called personality.
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Im really sorry to hear this . i was bullied at school too of the way i look .<br />
The only thing i can say is that your very strong ! and i think beauty is within !<br />
You are more Beautiful than you know , more talented than you think and more loved than you can ever imagine !!

Great I really appreciate your feeling. Thanks

beautiful is the meaning of someone with a good heart,beautiful is acceptance of oneself,beautiful is you.

You are beautiful. Regardless of what you look like, you are beautiful. We all are. We are all different. Whether we are overweight, bald, pock marked, whatever, we are all beautiful. I don't care what the media says beauty is.... have you read the ideal beauty of a woman in the 1400s? SO different from now. Whoever taught you that you are ugly, they are the truly ugly one. <br />
and the point you made at the end of your blog?THAT'S the point I keep trying to make to the vain people in my life. You aren't going to be a size 00 forever. You aren't ging to be wrinkle free forever. Looks change. <br />
You are beautiful, and true beauty like yours never changes.

Nobody who wrote what you did could be ugly. You my friend are more beautiful than you will ever know.