Beauty Is Not In Me

I look at so many people and wonder why are they so thin or so pretty and why am i made like i am. I give so much advice to other people and I can boost anybodies ego but not my own. I don't even know what to do anymore about myself. I am a single parent I have two kids and I dont go anywhere or do anything and as a result of my inactivity I can tell my kids are sufferin. My sister has always had longer eyelashes, pretty hair, and has always been smaller than me. I dont date or go anywhere.... I am really lost on what to do.
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Hi chick
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I liked your story and let me say this you silly woman lol -

Beauty or sexiness or does not come from your genetic coincidence of symmetry, it comes from your spirit, that inner spirit of beauty is truly what makes you sexy on the outside to people; you may seem sexy or beautiful, but your spirit inside might be evil or good.

I think you are a beautiful woman.

i never thought of my self as handsome but ugly and no good looking woman would ever look twice at me. Then i got cancer in my face and they had to cut a lot and i have big scares and my mouth is deformed most would be upset by this but i am ok with it i have a lovely woman and she loves me as i am strange how people see them self's

she is 1 in a million with all the things i have wrong with me she stays with me there are not many like her

Honey, it starts by loving yourself enough to change for the good. Stay busy and cutting back the carbs. Walk a lot instead of driving short distants. Start a meal with a glass of water.

Please do, I worry about your overall health. I use to eat a lot because people use to stress and put me down.

Its called high blood pressure and being tired because the body is working harder. You got to help your heart help you. Its not about looking good for other people. Its about loving yourself enough to change.

Beauty comes from the inside out. The outside can be fix. Everyday, they're fixing people on the outside. Its the inside that rots them.

You can do it honey..

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i have been with beautiful women over the years but found them shallow and not nice. My girl friend for the past 7 years is over weight and is not happy with her looks but i love her more than any pin up girl or model. When you say beauty is skin deep its whats inside that matters and you are a beautiful woman inside and out

You sound almost exactly like me lol I'm not the best looking person in the world an idle what to do with myself but when it comes to other people I can almost fix everything

Awww don't be so concerned about the outside, you sound like a great person!

Absolutely! Remember that physical stuff is a small part of living, it's such a wide world out there, go grab it by the horns and be happy!!! Worrying about looks is a waste of time and happiness (I learned this the hard way lol, I know what it's like)

Thanks for the add...and yes I would definitely do you lol. X

I would do you! Lol
Seriously, if that's you in the pic you ate very pretty. Not only that I think you ate quite intelligent and that too is sexy.

First and foremost, stop comparing yourself to other people! You're a unique individual and to be treasured as such.

Second, with a little bit of discipline and determination, you can get the weight off.

Lastly, always (and I do mean always) remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You are very pretty. Don't be down on yourself.

To me you look gorgeous. I don't understand why you feel that way unless that's what your abuser used to brainwash you with. Seriously you are one hot woman

you are cute, but i want to say if u think u are ugly, you should go and consult a eye doctor

Young lady, you clearly have a warped, skewed perception of yourself, at least from a physical standpoint, as you are clearly a stunning beauty. Seeing yourself through the eyes of hurtful past experiences, careless and cruel words of others, causes you to see yourself in an untrue, inaccurate way. And it's always a mistake to compare yourself to anyone else; there is only one you, unique, and beautiful. No one else can be you no matter how hard she tried. Remember that. I would bet that if you asked your babies what they think, then you'll hear how beautiful you are.

You're very welcome and it's my great pleasure to tell you the unadulterated truth as I perceive it. If I didn't think you are beautiful, I simply wouldn't have responded to your post. But I was compelled to let you know that yes, you are. I will share with you as well, that particularly in my 20's and 30's, I was considered by many to be drop-dead gorgeous and that is a curse more than anything else. Men only wanted one thing, women hated me for no reason.

i never thought of being hansom just normal then i got cancer in the face now i am scared and have half a mouth but i am still me inside

beauty is far more than physical features.

You my dear are not ugly at all my dear !!! add me and chat if you want !! I am all ears

eres linda

You need to change that title, but not before you change your attitude about yourself! I don't know if your mirror is broken or what...but the first thing I noticed was your beautiful face! You're absolutely drop dead gorgeous....only if you could see it! <br />
<br />
Society is to blame for people not loving themselves just the way they are!!! We are told over and over again that we need to be a certain much makeup to wear....what hair style to wear! ENOUGH! I'm sure you have things that you like about yourself; however, you're letting the flaws that make you the wonderful person you are...over shadow your great qualities! <br />
<br />
Your kids deserve more from you as their role model. I know you would hate for them to began self hating due to their witnessing of your refusal to accept and love yourself fully! There are little things you can do with the kids daily...the main thing is just to be engaging with them! They'll love you for your attempts at creating new memories.<br />
<br />
Remember, beauty goes beyond the outward appearance! If you have a heart of gold and is confident.....there's no stopping you! You're a gorgeous girl....please believe it! :-)

I wonder the same things some times, but then there are times that i think of things that i have<br />
that they don't. We all have things about ourselves we do not like. But we also have things we do like.<br />
You need to go for walks with the children. Or go to the park. Or walk around a mall. They need to get out of the house.Well so do u...........I try every day to get out for just even a little walk.<br />
I am sure that there are things that u have that your sister doesn't have. Maybe she envy's you....:)<br />
Just take it one day at a time. But enjoy the time with your kids cause it goes fast. !!!!!!!!!!<br />
Mine just turned 1/4 of a century old. I miss the younger days.<br />
Good luck in your efforts. :)