I Am Extremely Ugly

People tell me all the time that I am ugly. People make fun of me and bark at me as well. I have been made fun of since High School because of it. I ignored it then because I thought things would get better once I was an adult but I was wrong. People are worse now then they were when we were teens. I am so sick of it that one of these days I am just going to end my life. I haven't so far because I don't want to hurt my mom and sister but I don't know how much more of it I can take. I have tried a lot of ways to make myself better but it just doesn't help... I am the ugliest person ever. I've never had a boyfriend either and I recently just had my first kiss and I am 21 years old.
I am trying to get into college now, so maybe I'll meet more people. I didn't go to college straight out of school because I wanted to save money first.
My goal in life was always to have a family and be married but I don't think it will ever happen.
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Now you listen up my darling, I know you wrote this 6 years ago, but God doesn't make junk, nor does He make ugly. We were made in His image, but the choices we make, change our appearance. Ugly comes from within, the same way as beauty is not skin deep. Our beauty shines through us by how we live. Living for each other to serve each other and bring love to the heart of others. Love produces beauty. The hardest thing to do is to love your enemies, but what do you gain if you love those who love you. Don't dwell on your appearance, act in love in everything you do, even when it hurts the most. It gets easier, trust me and your true beauty will shine for the world to see. Everyone will not accept you for who you truly are, but its their lost not yours. Love and blessings.

Cityofdreamsx Answered this so well. Truth is this is a "fallen" world. Sinful and people have all sorts of prejudice's. God wants us to live of the spirit and not the fresh. when people judge you they bring judgement on to them selves if they do not repent. That does not maker it easier for you. Having a relationship with GOD and truly loving, educating yourself and working with area's that will bring you into a more full filled life will help you. Seek out God. And live his way not yours and you will be on your way. He loved you.

Honestly I understand that it may be really hard for you to want to end your life. But you can't go based by what people tell you. I have a gorgeous friend whos never had a boyfriend either. So that doesnt really matter. Youll find the one guy for you in time youre not in a hurry in life. & you are a beautiful person no matter what. When people tell you **** smile at them & nod your head. They are the ugly ones. You don't have to end your life because of stupid people around you. Just make the change in your life. Things to make you feel better about yourself. Maybe moving out to another city? Meet new people. Thats probably what you need. But ending your life because some people call you names isnt fair to you or your family and the people who love you

I moved from my old town to the current city I live in now, and it still happens. But I don't plan to end my life. I wrote this in 2008.

So thankful that it is an older story, but it does not solve your worries. It is distasteful to be hounded and ridiculed by men. These men do not have balls to show respect. It makes me angry that people bully ladies.

First of all, what the hell is wrong with people? I don't understand why people are so cruel and I am so sorry you have had to endure that.
I am not saying that I know what it feels like to be you, but I do know what it feels like to be an "ugly duckling" and be very shy.. That was my life, seriously, until I went to college. I was a nerdy, quiet band girl.. Rarely noticed.. Didn't kiss a boy until I was nineteen. It took me years to find my stride, to gain some confidence.. I still struggle with depression.. But one thing I can say is it does get better, take it one day at a time, find and remind yourself of things that bring you joy and let that be your focus. It's not always easy, but it is possible. Take care xx

Thanks, although I don't think it will. I'm 27 now and it still happens.

I can tell you things are not only bad right now, actually its going to get worse. Your young right now, you will fine out adults are not much better. Wait until people whisper to their friends "how ugly you are" just loud enough for you to hear as you past by them. You will also get lousy service. I know this for a fact because i live through the snickering and stares from people, I don't even know. My advice is find out what make you unattractive and try to fix it or maybe see counseling trying anything. A new hair style will change a person face, Make-up is another way. Find friends that don't care what you look like. At all means don't kill yourself. Some times things will get better. It take one boyfriend to change things around for you.

I'm 27 now, believe me I know. And for me, makeovers or anything won't help. I've tried. The problem is, I look more like a guy than a woman. I'm a 27 year old virgin. I'll probably be a virgin the rest of my life. No man wants someone who is a virgin in their late 20s, especially someone as ugly as me. It's good to know someone knows what it is like though. I talk about this stuff (lousy service, people snickering, people whispering, men going "Oh theres one for you") and people on the internet never believe it. They say that people don't do stuff like that. And then they tell me it's all in my head. I don't know why people are so much in denial that ugly people get treated like ****. They try to make it seem as if it's the ugly persons fault.

Just like you I always feel the same way people coming and reminding you of something that u already know and just like you there are times i want to kill my self but then I just remember family and the blood of Jesus I found that if you just trust in God and leave all your problem with him HE will fix everything.... so remember let go; and let God

It doesn't matter how beautiful or perfect you think somebody is, there is always another person out there who will have something mean to say about them. What I mean is that everybody has flaws, there is no such thing as perfection. I know it sounds so cliche, but true beauty comes from within. It really does. When I was younger, I would make fun of people constantly. I wouldn't do it to their face or where they could hear me.A few years later I realized that the only reason I did that is because I hated myself. I was so full of self-hatred I wanted everyone to hate themselves as much as I hated myself. <br />
<br />
Some people tell me that I'm beautiful or pretty, I don't think I am. I think I am ugly and I have a horrible skin complexion. I put a bunch of foundation on to hide my acne scars and zits. It's ridiculous, I should be able to go outside with my hair up and not wear make up. I can't though, I am so self conscious I haven't wore my hair up out in public in YEARS. <br />
<br />
So you see, everybody has their own perception of themselves. Who is to even say what ugly is? I think mean people are ugly, and that has nothing to do with their looks. I think they are the ugliest people on this planet. What is my definition of beautiful? Kindness, compassion, sensitivity, sincerity, etc. <br />
<br />
Misery loves company, and that is such a true statement. If a person was completely happy and satisfied with themselves, do you think they would feel the need to put others down? The answer is no and always will be. <br />
<br />
Sweetheart, I really hope you can get through this. I usually walk around with my head down, and sometimes when I'm around people I stay quiet because I don't want them to notice me and judge me. Most of that is in my mind, I know it is, but I can't stop being so self conscious. If you ever need to talk PLEASE send me a message.

Even if you are very ugly, there are tons of ugly guys out there. I have seen extremely ugly people get boyfriends.<br />
Really, it just matters on the attitude that you have. It might be hard, but just like every else has said, you are a competent person on the inside and that's what is really important in the long-run. And I can tell you are very compassionate, too. There will be an equally attractive man who finds those traits very appealing, it just might take a while. Just hold on. :]

I don't think I see anyone as being ugly anymore. But I see "unattractive" people with partners everywhere. If you have a great personality that's all you need in all seriousness, and people will love you for you and looks won't matter unless that person is very shallow in which case you should tell them where to go. <br />
Unfortunately for me I got neither looks or personality so that's why I'm single.

Your personality is formed in your teenage years. If people say negative things about you that you can not change , its going to form your personality in a negative way. People that are ugly will most likely have a negative out look in life and have extreme hated towards everyone. I'm at the stage, i'm hoping the world will end tomorrow. Why do you think a lot of teenagers kill themselves because of all the taunting.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. For everyone there is someone. What you need to work on first is your own self image. Stop first... and promise not to refer to yourself as ugly ever again. The feelings you have for yourself are projected and others feed off of that insecurity. Speaking to a therapist could definitely offer some positive results.

i want to die to but im afraid il hurt my family and friends

(((((((no))))))) please don\'t do that. I will pray you realize how much God loves you.

After reading your post I felt compelled to make an account and post. Just know that you're not alone. The average person is no supermodel (despite what you see in the media). Most people have body image issues or other problems. To quote my philosophy prof: "The average human is a very dark horse." <br />
One thing I'd recommend to you is get some exercise. It's like a natural anti-depressant. Whenever I feel angry or blue or whatever I hit up the treadmill and it usually at least marginally improves my mood. <br />
Just bear in mind that theres like 6 billion people out there, theres no doubt someone suited for you.

You could be what you think because you were kiss I think every one have beauty inside waiting to get out

You were kissed once, so at least one person doesn't think you're ugly. I know people older than you who aren't ugly who have never been kissed. It's all in your head.

you've told me you have been unlucky enough to have met may horribly ugly on the inside people.It's old but true theres someone out there for everyone

That not true: I'm 53 and still alone. The only way i had sex is through hookers or women on the rebound.

right get hold of the perspective here, the comments ive read are mixed but seem to be mainly by people who feel as ****** as you do and the best comment i read was by bellestorey which you didn't take in and instead soaked up and replied to the one before by noone87 which was pretty depressing as it said well get plastic surgery then you'll be happy, well i doubt that because a cute nose whatever won't heal the open wounds inside from people being total ***** over the years, you have to do this work yourself and heal yourself.<br />
a lot of people are dickheads. FACT. if people get their kicks out of taking the mickey of people who don't fit the images they see on tv and in the magazines well isn't that sad and pathetic? <br />
its a tough world and you have to swing yours legs outta bed in the morning grab your armour from the wardrobe and walk out that door with your head high. that will halve the comments immediately, people only target the 'victims' the ones who walk around with their heads down etc. i say stand up straight be counted....you may not be a supermodel but you are valid, important and have valuable and wise contributions to make because you know life on the down side and that makes you stronger and more resilient. don't buy into all the rubbish xx

it is hard when people are completely ignorant and stupid and say things that really hurt other people...but dont listen to them..i know you have probably heard that 100 times before and sometimes ..well....most times..it is really hard to just ignore them but dont let stupid people ruin your life for you!!!! for years i was made fun of [and laughed at for being ugly and fat and everything... and i understand about wanting to end your life but DO NOT!!!! life is such a wonderful thing...other people is what makes it so bad!! you have to get control of your life and be confident in yourself!!!!! dont let others control how you feel anymore!! stand up and BE STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

I am working on losing weight. I am hoping that will do something for me. I am not overweight but I do have a chubby face.

dont ever end something so precious because of something so small.<br />
people who are putting you down are doing it because of their own issues. <br />
there are so many beautiful people out there that rely so much on their looks. that they dont see whats importent.<br />
i hope you go to college and find your passion so you can educate and inspire people with your mind rather then decieve people with apperance.<br />
and no matter how ugly you feel. you can walk past any beautiful person and be confident that they have something they feel insecure about too. and know that their looks will fade. but your mind and good nature will only get strong... then what will they have.<br />
if you go college and live life as you want to. regardless of shallow small minded ***** who put others down to distract people around them from their own insecurities. youll be happy

Hello. I understand so well how you feel. It could be my own story. Since I turned 10 people always told me how ugly I was. I thought it would change when I am adult. Now I am 21 and its getting even worse. I broke up the school, I drunk alcohol and lost all my friends. I suffer at strong depressions and I dont know how to live on. Life just doesnt make sense. ( sorry my english might be terrible because I am from Germany). So I can imagine how hard it is for you to live with those thoughts. the only advice I can give to you - just live on and try to respect and to love yourself no matter what other people say. Go to work, make good education. And try to change your look even if you think its impossible. Find out what exactly makes you ugly. Is it your face? Your nose? Your lips? Your body? Your style? If its something in your face you will need money for a plastic surgery. Just say to yourself " I want be pretty and I WILL be." And dont listen to people who say " The beauty isnt important. No one is ugly. Just accept yourself." They just say it to make you hope but nobody actually thinks that being ugly isnt a big deal. Everyone knows that its important. But people often just dont know what to say for a person who feels or is ugly. So they say this person should just accept her look and wait until life gets better. But it will not happen. There are no wonders in this world. You can wait your hole life for a wunder, for love, for happiness. And one day you are old and your life is over. Dont WAIT! You have to don something! If you cant live with your face, if it makes you unhappy, if its a handicap for your whole life. Then you should do everything you can to change the way you look. And if you can make it then you will feel good in your skin and then you can begin to live a normal life.

it will happen.. as long as you want it.. you will get it no matter how long it takes.. i know that it is frustrating for you, because you also feel very lonely (i read your other story too), and on top of all that, you have experienced some real pain. i know that it is hard to believe that it will get better, because people have been telling you that for years, but it will. i think that you should reach out and try to get some help.. you have taken the first step in doing that by posting your stories on this website, the next step is to find a good therapist. don't do what i did, i went to a therapist, and it was easy for me to lie to her. don't do that. find someone who you can trust, maybe even just your mother, and talk about somethings and tell them how you are feeling. it was incredibly hard for me to tell my mother how i was feeling, because i had been hiding it for so long. thats why i needed to go and get a therapist. but perhaps this is not your case. but whatever the case my be, find someone to talk to, even if its someone here on ep, its good to know that someone is listening and that someone cares. if you ever need someone to talk to, you're welcome to talk to me, i've always got a pair of listening ears on. its just nice to get these things off your chest. i feel when i tell people how i feel, i feel like i loose ten pounds of stress... like for example, i wish i had found ep alot earlier than i did, because then i would have been able to take the baby steps, instead of jumping right in to the whirlpool of healing. it's been very difficult, but in the end, i know it will all be worth it. if you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask me. i'll always be here.