Enough Is Enough!: a Message to the Ugly

Let the truth be told, you are who you are only because you THINK you are. You are the handicap you must face. You're the only one who can pull the trigger of your heart. Nothing stand in the way of who you want to be but you! If you believe that is a false statement then you ARE RIGHT! If you believe that it is true then you are right! What I’m trying to say that God (for non-believers you can name this higher power “the universe”) give you the birth right to be whatever you want, but as we grow our beliefs that anything is possible becomes disbelief because we focus on what is and NOT what could be. If we could only take our eyes off of what people say about us, what thing appear to be, what they say is impossible and focus on who we could be in life, we will be able to achieve anything. But it takes effort, persistence and enough to say “Enough is enough!” People will never understand how bad it feels to be called ugly and stared at all the time. We try to fight against this tragedy but it only become stronger and drag us farer underneath the lake of sorrow. For all we been through we THINK the world owe us big time! You problem stay in the house a lot afraid to go places because of what OTHERS may say of you. Because of them you are not yourself, you let go of all your dreams because you are too ugly to be any you want. You don’t deserve it. You are too ashamed to show your face. There’s a man or woman you want to talk to so bad, but you can’t because you BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART that she or he will regret you in the worst way. They won’t look at what’s in the inside of you, because most people don’t look it your personality first. Even if they could see what’s inside of you, they won’t find much because you been beat-up so bad mentally that there is little left of you…

                My name is CJ and I use to be suicidal.  I have a dream of someday becoming a great leader and Prophet of God. I also wish to discover something great, invent something that would change the world, write a best-seller and own a great business. I am passionate about helping people and love to give. I think the best thing about giving is the smile you put on people face. I love myself and the entire world (which is a BIIIIIG difference from how I felt years ago). I used to be addressed as the ugliest person in the world. So I know just as much as anyone what it’s like to be ugly. I used to look like a ugly dog, had bumps on my nose, never spoke to anyone unless spoken to and I stared at myself in the mirror for long periods just like most of you. The only thing is that I didn’t see a ugly person in the mirror. I saw a handsome young man that wanted to do good thing in this world. But others didn’t see this in me. Things became worst and worst, and soon I began to look for ways to kill myself. I won’t to kill myself, but I didn’t want to go to hell for doing it…because I was already living hell. I made up my mind to look for an answer until I was completely overwhelmed. I could have dropped out of school but then I would just be an even bigger loser. I wanted to be great! No a drop-out working minimum wage or end up homeless. The homeless are the ones I wanted to help.  The Prophet Peter Popoff give me ever more hope of change, but I soon give up on him because the result were not what I expected. Soon I came across “The Secret”. “The Secret” was the beginning of all the things I know today. Thanks to “the secret” I understand this world more than ever.

                I put into practice what I learned over the months. My life begun to change day by day until I was stabled again (yes I became mentally ill) and more happy than I ever been because I used the cure within. And now I even have the perfect girlfriend. You see one thing you must understand is that you have a divine power to create the life you want by changing your thoughts, beliefs and actions. I can teach you all how to change you relationship, confidence and how you look. Some of you maybe thinking, “How can change my looks by changing my beliefs” Well here’s a news flash: EVERTHING THAT YOU DO AND EVERTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU IS BASED ON YOUR THINKING PATTERNING. Think about it. How many times have you changed your mind about going somewhere because you were feeling upset about some? Now just imagine what a great time you would have had if you went to that party, club, etc. Now I want you to think about those days when you hurt yourself getting out of bed, then how your whole day goes sour. So when you feel morose you will make bad decision and God ( or universe) will by law line up bad things to happen for you. This is known as the Law of Attraction. God's law will act as if you want what you are focused on.  So it is important to focus on what you do what. It won’t be easy, unless you keep that in your mind. I can teach you everything that I know. But First!!!

                You must listen to your heart and say “enough is enough”,  and say what you want to be and move forward to your dream. You are somebody who is not here just to take up space, but to take up blessings of happiness and joy. For now on you will know you are attractive. You will walk with a purpose in mind, you will talk with confidence, when you walk in a building people will wonder who the hell you are. When you speak your vocie will command attention! Let’s be for real here, do you really think God put you on this earth just to be ugly. Maybe for a little while for you to learn something, But you don’t have to stay that way. I hear about ugly people graduating from high school and growing up to be handsome all the time. More than likely they change their mindset and change what they think about themselves through the effluence of other people. I can explain scientifically how it is possible to change how you look. I can tell you everything you need to know and more! All I want is your hand people, I swear I’ll do all I can to bring you to success. I will pull you out and carry you high to see clear about everyone else who tormented you.

Support Me People, Post your comment and type “enough is enough” if you are on my side and share with others what you really want to be! (if you want to…)

If there any questions don’t be a stranger. Also if you like to you can read my story “Am I Cursed?”


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Thanks for trying uplift, but sometimes you are what you are and you have to accept it. That way you can move on. That's what I'm trying to do. It's rough but ugly is who I am and I have to deal with it.

it's like a inverse parabola (life), when you hit the lowest point on the curve (vortex) you curve back up. some people like you are lucky enough to hit the lowest point in life that they find God!!!

Easier said than done. You are one of the lucky ones who overcame it, so many of us still struggle on the daily, I am so happy for you, you give me hope.

Beautiful is God' eyes.

this is a beautiful story. i happy for u that ur life improved so much. this is similar to my story except that i never became depressed enough to be suicidal. but still i found that with the help of god u can see things differently and change ur life. god bless u bro. take care

"You are the handicap you must face." I love this whole piece, but I never got over this line. I have struggled my whole teenage life with feeling ugly, feeling like I was somehow lesser then people, even blaming them. It has always been me, though, that felt this. I am my own handicap...people (even strangers!) tell me I am beautiful. I don't quite believe it, but I just love the authenticity and truth in your words because I was "the handicap you must face." Someday maybe I will face it..

Hi! wow, a wise statement indeed...I never felt beautiful in my teen years and early 20s. At 28, I feel better I have grown into my looks! :) I will say this though as for attracting the opposite sex, men have it easier if they are ugly. They can still get attractive women. Its harder for women as men are very visual creatures and most go for looks and that is the truth. I have a friend who is single, and she is a plain looking and over weight lady, who has a wonderful personality. Her husband left her for someone more beautiful. I will say it IS easier if you're a man.!!

enough is enough

You are very wise. I believe any people who try to build depth of character must try to understand what it means to be unlikeable first. Depth of character is more beautiful than aesthetics because it must be earned and then brought into fruition

Wow! This is really a great story :) I think that our society is so centered around outward appearances and if we are not "attractive" by media's standards than we are not worth anything and we will never go anywhere in life. This is so FALSE! And I admit I fell into this trap when I was younger. I never felt as pretty as the girls on the magazines and TV and felt I would never be worth anything to anyone because of it. There is so much more to people than the way they look and as I began to realize this I spent less time worrying about what I looked like and more about who I was deep down as a person. I wish I could get this message across to everyone out there that is insecure with themselves. There is beauty in everything if you are willing to look for it and discover it. Looks will always fade, but a genuine personality and caring spirit will endure forever. I am so sorry about what you went through and I am glad you found refuge in God to bring you back on your feet. Life's happiness really is about the way you perceive things to be, not how people make you feel. There will always be negativity in this world and pressure to be perfect, but if you take it with a grain of salt and focus on the simple things in life to make you happy then you will be better off! Life is what you make it and if people do not like you for who you are they are simply not worth your time :) Very inspirational!

Enough is enough.

Enough is enough!

thank you

You have helped a lot of people-even me. <br />
<br />
If there is one thing I may add for people to remember,"GOD DOESN'T MAKE SCRAP!!!" ei

i believe the judgmental and shallow ways of the black Americans is the reason why i don't like the way i look.since i came to america ,all I've been hearing from people specially black american is the world ugly .i don't understand why u people r so cruel to others.i believe black Americans r the big problems in this world


men can be ugly and find love and happiness... Women who are ugly cannot. I have a masters degree, two strangely beautiful children and the biggest heart... I go to bed each night and wonder why i continue to live... My own daughter, who I have given my entire life to even calls me disgusting, tall, fat and hideous and pathetic. She says I should die because no man would ever want me... I want to live but not like this......................


Other than saying Enough is Enough, all I can say is WOW!!! Very inspirational and it definitely spoke to me. Thank you for sharing your story.

Thanks bro. Enough is enough.

How great it is that there is a site for people who feel ostracized by society and can get all their pain out so they can better deal with it. And how incredible that there is a solution.<br />
<br />
I feel ugly because I'm not drop-dead gorgeous and don't attract cute guys. This site has opened my mind and heart to what some individuals have to go through because of their appearance. I know with certainty that people make cruel comments because they don't feel good about themselves and think that if they bring someone else down they will bring themselves up. They are so wrong. They reap the results of how wrong they are when they lose the ability to love after repeatedly shutting down their hearts toward others. That is true "ugliness". They are the ones to be pitied. The next time someone makes such a comment, say something like this (in the spirit of love) - "Your cruel words make you the ugly one." You will be telling the truth.<br />
<br />
God bless you, know that you are loved beyond what any of us can imagine, you are far greater than you think you are, and the principles in the story above are true. See you in the Winners' Circle!

Enough is enough!!!

enough is enough

enough is enough

Love it. I read this book, too.. and although I'll admit I am not 100 percent in love with it, there are definitely some things I have taken away from it. We are much more in control of our lives than we think we are.

I just wish there were more people thinking like you..It's the worst thing fighting <br />
with yourself and trying to find out some encourage to continue life..Espesailly<br />
when you think it's not even worth it.But you have to keep going at least that's what i do<br />
cause there's no other way.

Enough is enough...You are completely right. One of my life's belief is insecurity and the types of insecurity we all deal with. Some of us are fortunate to realize our insecurities and embrace them- some of us have insight. But there are still many of us who are afraid to face our insecurities. I find that these type of people tend to be the weak that prey on the strong. They are the lost that have no path. I agree with your thought process. The way you think does effect the way you act. There are many times when people attack me because they think I am ugly, or skinny, or stupid. I do get hurt by this but then I think...they are just lost. They attack me only to feel a temporary relief from the insecurities that they refuse to face within themselves. They see that I am stronger than them and it scares them. I am supposed to be afraid and weak like them. I am not supposed to be so comfortable with being me... And when I complete these thought I usually go about my way...I still have a life to live.

Enough is Enough. Such a true statement. I certainly wished I had the hope that many of you have. I recently went on a camping adventure with some of my "friends". An experience I thought that would be very enjoyable turned out to reveal a lot of information and awaken the truth in me that I am very ugly and nobody wants to be around me. Imagine friends, friends leaving you in the middle of the desert? Some told me a story about a man who almost died in the desert, that he was out there for 5 days with no water and was on his death bed. All my "friends" hiked up these rocks and then disappeared. I called to them and no response. I kept calling to them.. and no response. They didn't tell me where to go, they just left. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out where I was and get my barrings. I tend to get lost easily and they all know that. I found my way back to the trail and waited for them for almost an hour to return. <br />
<br />
I recently posted a picture of me on hotornot.com and I got a 2 rating. So while many people may say that I have a delightful personality (which I believe I do) my appearance is not so friendly to the eyes. <br />
<br />
I thought I had good friends I don't. I see their look in photos of them taken with me. One of my friends who I thought was a dear friend looked away with a sad frown in one of her pictures with me. She took another photo with another new friend and she was smiling ear to ear. <br />
<br />
I recall when growing up there were NO photos of me in my mom's house. There were pictures of my brother and my sister and the grandchildren, but not one of me. <br />
<br />
I have been working out with a personal trainer (she is the personal friend) for 3 years now and I haven't lost much weight at all. I have gained much strength, but I am as fat as ever. I can't running for too long, as I get out of breath fast. <br />
<br />
I am 47 years old and STILL have acne and just recently lost a cap in the back of my mouth so now when i smile I look even more horrid. <br />
<br />
About 3 months ago I was let go from my job which I held for over 9 years. <br />
<br />
I am involved in 2 court cases.. one ending here real soon, Oct 25th. My sister and I are doing this one together. So I write to all of you.. as my last words. My voice is out in the Internet now. Sometimes harmful words, stares, being ignored, and being alone is just enough to make life not worth living. Some might want to just get rid of the pain.. I am not in pain. Life is simply not worth living anymore. Life is meant to be LIVED. I am not living it.. I am surviving it. On Oct 26th after our court case win I will end my life. Oh wow just typing that makes me feel so much better.. I will finally be free!


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Thank you, SouthsideBalla, you just healed a piece of my heart.

enough is enough but sometimes I still get that feeling of sorrow. But it was worsen than it used to be, because I had suicidal thoughts too, and even tried it as well. Used to cry about it and everything. Feeling depress everyday like i shouldn't be living at all. I try to have a little confidence in me, but once I go to school I lose it. Looking at other ppl and there clear skin just give me low self esteem again. I still think I'm ugly now that's why I don't even try to talk to girls like that. Hel I don't even like looking at ppl when I talk to them. I know they be getting tired of looking these bumps on my face. I don't even like taking pictures or look at myself in the mirror.

hey i truly respect you and the way you look at the things.<br />
<br />
I also know you are right from your side.<br />
<br />
BUT<br />
<br />
even if i follow or change my thinking, i will NOT BECOME HANDSOME AND PRETTY.<br />
<br />
i will stay same ugly and ignorable.

You have changed me..really i feel like somebody now not someone that no ones cares about because those people can say what they want but their not getting anywhere. The only people I care what they think is my cloest friends and my parents. <br />
thanks, happy girl :)

What a beautiful pick-me-up! As someone who dealt with abuse since childhood. It felt different than what i am used to hearing but...wow.. You have my thanks :)

Hey I was just bored surfing the web and came across your message ... see my thing is I know Im not ugly cuz everyone tell me I am pretty ..but at times i feel it n I dnt kno wat to do ..it like im my biggest critic .l.. i love my self and have never had a problem with getting friends or meeting ppl in general ... but sumtimes i jst feel unpretty...

enough is enough! This is truely inspiring and I totally agree, I came out of my shell and learnt to accept myself and threw myself into my personality, which IS everythingm because now I have the most amazing boyfriend in the universe and he fell in love with me, the real me, the person inside, so concentrate on the real you and life will flow your way, forget about the people who don't believe in you, figure yourself out and then prove it to the world!<br />
I love people who speak complete sense and inspire others!<br />
Thank you SouthsideBalla!_x

well, ive had enough. hello plastic surgeon..

It's all about reframing your thinking. I call it CBT.

Enough is Enough, I am 30 years old and I have always been and felt ugly. As a child my grandmother would purchase pictures of my brother and she would always tell me next year we would get yours. Til this day I hate taking or even seening a picture of myself. <br />
<br />
I don't have pimples that can possibly go away with medical treatment, i'm just ugly. I'm ugly inside and out. The bad part about my ugliness is that people think I am cute and then by the end of the day their thoughts change. For the past 5/6 years I have been hearing whispers about how ugly I am. Some are bold enough to just blurtit, just not directly at me. I don't feel as though I can take it anymore. My friends and family tell me its in my head, but they don't know what i'm experiencing. I have cut my friends out of my life because I feel as though they are apart of the problem not the solution. I don't want to go to a club or do anything, what is the point in hanging with them if they are going to make me feel worser than I am already feeling. Trust me they know what I am feeling. I know it's not in my head and i know that people are talking about me. I have experienced like you, walking into a room and people just staring, and can only ask myself why. <br />
<br />
I have been told to wear makeup. I've done it and they still talke about me. I have had a job tell me that I'm not pretty enough to be placed on a job. I have had an agency pretend to work for me, but they warn all the customer of how ugly i am those employers turn me down others get me out there and hide me in the back caged like an animal at the zoo. I have children to support and I can't do it because I am so ashamed of the way I look. I am at the point that they are better off without me in their lives. I can't support them the way I am. I can't even go to my childs events because of my looks. <br />
<br />
I have had enough because I love my children. I love your story because it seems as though you wrote that for me. It is exactly how I feel and what I have experienced. I really am a good person given the chance and opportunity; however, noboby will ever know because nobody will give me a chance. I'm tired of running away from jobs and starting new ones. I am ready to start working to support my family. Most importantly I just want to be happy with who I am.

enough is enough.....The only thing that's keeping mre from killing myself is my kids & family

Enough is enough.<br />
<br />
You gave me enough strength just by posting this. I just texted a guy that I've been deeply inlove with for a year. THANK you. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.<br />
<br />
I love you.

Enough is Enough, I think that in your life your going to help so many people. I'm going to go do what I set out to do and not hold my self back because I think i'm not pretty enough. I wish you the best luck with all the stuff you set out to do, thank you so much for that speech its helped me so much :)

Well it sounds like your a very intelligent young man just keep on the right path that your on and I think you'll go far.

Enough is enough...<br />
<br />
It is a wonderful story which has inspired me a lot. Thanks CJ

Enough is Enough<br />
<br />
Despite our differences we hold more in common.<br />
<br />
Did you know secret societies allow the release of information in set increments. Its for a few reasons; to advance the common non-initiate. To encourage new initiates and that if the society ever crashes the information is out there for those who have the ears to listen, the eyes to see and the sense to understand.<br />
<br />
That said the person who wrote "The Secret" had gotten her information from Charles F. Haanel. In the movie the book she finds was one of his from late 1800s early 1900s. You can find his works online interesting stuff.

Yeah there is a few that were ahead of 'The Secret' - Psycho Cybernetics is another one..

Enough is enough,<br />
read the title and the first few paragraphs and decided on my comment then found that you had found the answer already.<br />
Thank you for trying to help others

Enuff is Enuff for me.....but the world wont stop man......I got over all this shyt I used to get since high skool and managed to get into university........but shud I do about all those comments which i get almost every day which breaks off all my confidence.......<br />
I walk out of home saying I am not ugly .....infact I am better then many.......but what can I do about those comments which I get when I am at the peak of my confidence and people just say "that Iam ugly and I stink(because Iam ugly)......and even though I know that I am the most mature and civilized person among all of them but still this makes me cry inside......I try to control myself in front of people but then all my confidence is gone and Iam talking no more .....because how wud somebdy feels wen he knows he's got perfect logic and thinking but he gets fuked wen he tries to talk coz its so easy even for the dummest people to pass these comments and everybdy starts laughing and suddenly ur a fool in front of them.......<br />
U cant face it man......even if u get over it.......people will not let u forge that.....in the end if u just say I dun give a *** about people then .....they call u rude boy........and personally I dun like rude people so why wud I think other people shud like me when Iam rude.....well they dun like even if Iam nice.....<br />
Its life man and we have to face it.......I mentioned before that Iam in university doing my engineering and soon I will be a graduate and will have get a good job and stuff.....but Iam gettin damaged internally ...badly....very badly.........I am a mature person and I know how to fight my insecurities but man ......I know one day I will collapse .....because enuff is enuff........and I wud just break apart ......I know that.....I know it for sure......becoz it not that only proud and ignorant people pass these comments on me......its that I get these comments from random people man.......so I guess this will continue until one day I will break apart.....and at that I will be such a loser to not swear at the world and I will just accept it and die a losers death.......even though by my personal efforts I will be a well setteled and successful person but I know this will be the cause of my failure ....wen ever I will fail and this will be the cause of my death too...........<br />
Its good that u got over ur complex.....but man I bet if u get it again that will prolly disturb u for days.........I used to have a lotta patience for these comments but know Iam just tired and I cant fight any more........I cant man......I just cant fight it..........

i know how you feel

When someone hurts my feelings in this way, I let them know. I'm a psychology major, so I know these "commenters" are just trying to bring themselves up by pulling you down and ultimately, they're going to find it doesn't work and actually damages their ability to love. In the spirit of love, I tell them the pain they cause me and that their cruelty is true ugliness because of the pain it causes. You can stand up like a man and tell them in a strong, straightforward way and it will change someone's heart. I guarantee it.

enough is enough!<br />
thanks so much<br />
you dont know how much your story inspired me.

"You see one thing you must understand is that you have a divine power to create the life you want by changing your thoughts, beliefs and actions." <br />
<br />
that's very true. thanks for sharing your story, CJ. it was very inspirational.

alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what I'm takin about! That's the way you need to be thinking. I'll holla bac at you.