I Am My Own Ugliness.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen a reasonable normal face?
I see that everyday and yet after years of being told by high school bullies that I am a 'Fugly b****' that reasonable face in the mirror starts to resemble those vile words.

People can sit and tell me that it's inner beauty that counts, then why do all of the people I met judge me based upon my face. I do not asked to be born with this face, nor can I change this face with natural means.

I'm tired of being judged by this face.

So here is a message to everyone who has been bullied for their appearence. I think you're beautiful.
StaceyNight StaceyNight
18-21, F
13 Responses Mar 3, 2012

Anyone who calls you ugly needs to see an optometrist immediately. Stacey, you are the furthest thing from it. I find your expressive eyes to be especially attractive.

I was just looking through your pictures, and I think you have a very pretty face. Just my opinion. Try not to let others bother you. I know it's not easy, because I'm the same way. I'm not the most attractive person, and people have let me know.

I don't know why we put so much emphasis on outward appearance's...real beauty comes from within...I've know girls who thought they were beautiful with personalities like Rattle snakes...the same goes for guys as well...the more one looks at themselves in the mirror the more vain and self centered they are...my GF thinks she's ugly, but I think she's beautiful...to me she's the best thing on two legs...it's just hard for me cuz she has such low self esteem...and when we make love it's also difficult to get her to realize I think she's sexy...so she's reluctant to open up and really get into the sex...lately she's been getting better, and seems to believe I really love her...she's been hurt so many times before from guys telling her she's ugly...trusting me is taking her a long time...all said and done...I've never really met an ugly woman...unless they're so stuck on them selves that they can't see anything else....confidence is the best quality in men and women...just accepting what we have, and going with the flo....luv greg

Hey you beautiful xx don't let them get to you ur stronger!!!! Xx

Bullies are bullies for a reason, they try to pull other people down because they are jealous and unhappy with themselves! If your profile picture is anything to go by you are truly a very gorgeous young woman, cheesy but TRUE! X

Girl your hot. Maybe there were like J of you.

how does it matter what others think? We become ugly only when WE think.

you are not ugly, i think you are look like Amanda Seyfried :)

I've seen your pictures on here and that's not an ugly face. Tell those who try to bully you that if they pulled their heads out of their butts maybe they could see better...

according to your photo you are not ugly, your beautiful.

u are gorgeous... seriously.. anybody that says ur not is a fkn idiot :)

I've never been ugly to myself. I see pretty when I look in the mirror but I know I"m ugly because others treat me that way. I don't know if that's better or worse than believing oneself to be ugly because it's so frustrating not understanding where they're coming from. But, the good news is that those people aren't your friends an you probably wouldn't want them to be. The upside of being unattractive is that it weeds out the shallow people and leaves only those who truly care for us. I know the insults still hurt and I sympathize deeply. Over ten years later, I'm still crushed by what happened in high school. But not everyone judges on appearance and those who care really do care.

Your picture proves you are not ugly!! You are beautiful outside and inside also. HS bullies rip on others to feel better about themselves. Don't believe anyone of them.